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Namdev translation


May 28, 2024
About 6 months ago I found this poem by Namdev. 874

It helped me realize that the poetry was describing something that Sikhs today are not connected with.

That being their Sat Gur within.


*I am widowed (without god)*

*A cow without her calf is lonely.*

*A fish without water suffers.*

*So does a poor soul without gods name.*



*As the cow and calf are brought together.*

*As the udder churned produces milk.*

*Namdev has found god.*

*Meeting the Guru the invisible is revealed.*


*Like the lust to another’s women.*

*In the same way love god.*


*Like burning pure heat.*

*Such is a person without gods name.*


All the writers in the Granth describe the same thing, a way to connect with god through your heart, or your Sat Gur.

The Sat Gur is the "True Guru" not Nanak, not Gobind, not anyone in-between.

You will not find any translation to this poem in english that has not been distorted.

Sikhs are really confused nowadays, you don’t need to read the entire thousand pages of the Granth.

You need to read enough so you understand the observation made by the poets.

And come back to the poetry that you like the most.
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swarn bains

Apr 8, 2012
Page 874 Gond: I am restless and unhappy. As the cow is lonely without the calf; ||1|| Without water, the fish writhes in pain. So is poor Naam Dev without Lords name. ||1||Pause|| Like cows’ calf, when it is let loose; Sucks her udders and drinks milk. ||2|| Naam Dev found the Lord. Meeting the guru, I saw the unseen Lord. ||3|| As the wicked man wants another man’s wife, Same way Naam Dev loves the Lord; ||4|| As heat is not produced without sun Same way poor Naam Dev is without God’s name. ||5||4|| Raag Gond, The Word of Naam Dev Jee, Second House: There is one God. He is realized by guru’s grace. Saying God God eliminates doubts. Saying God’s name is the highest faith. Saying God God rejuvenates the whole caste and ancestry. Lord is the walking stick of the blind. ||1|| I bow to the Lord; I humbly bow to the Lord. Saying God God; fear of messenger of death goes away. ||1||Pause|| The Lord took life of Harnaakas, Gave Ajaamal a place in heaven; Listening to parrot’s word (God), the prostitute was saved. That Lord is light of my eyes. ||2|| Saying God God, the child eater Pootna was saved. She the killer of children was full of sins. Reciting God, Dropati was saved. Gautam’s wife who was turned to stone; was saved. ||3|| The Lord, who killed Kans dragging from the hair; Gave the gift of life to Kali (goddess) Prays Naam Dev, such is my Lord; Singing His praises, fear and suffering are dispelled. ||4||1||5||Gond: Saint Bhairo, went after evil spirits and chicken pox; Riding a donkey, he used to blow away dust. ||1||
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