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Naam Simran ritual destroyed by Nanak


May 28, 2024
Salok, Third Mehl

Ram ram kartaa sabh jag phirai raam na paa-i-aa jaa-e.

By chanting "Ram, Ram," the whole world roams around, but God cannot be found merely by saying it.

Agam agochar at vadaa atul na tuli-aa jaa-e.

The Lord is inaccessible, unfathomable, and supremely great, He cannot be measured or weighed.

Keemat kisai na paa-i-aa kitai na lai-aa jaa-e.

No one has found His value, and He cannot be purchased from anywhere.

Gur kai sabad bhedi-aa in bidh vasi-aa man aa-e.

By being pierced with the Word of the Guru's Shabad, in this way He comes to dwell in the mind.

Nanak aap ami-o hai gur kirpaa te rahi-aa samaa-e.

O Nanak, He is the essence of ambrosial nectar; by the Guru's grace, He is absorbed within.

Aape mili-aa mil rahi-aa aape mili-aa aa-e. ||1||

He Himself meets and remains merged; He Himself comes and meets. ||1||

This is Nanak dispelling the modern Sikhi “Naam Simran” ritual.

Yet again, the Sat Guru destroys any concept held by those who believe that divinity is found beyond the self and the mind.

That includes through words, human gurus, holy books and anything external.

There is no divinity by chanting whaeguru, whaeguru.

It is an act of beadbi to the Sat Guru who Nanak/Kabeer points out exists only within.

What this should lead you to is the real Naam Simran which is listening to your Sat Gur.

Page 555 of Granth