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Why Remember God? Very humbly I begged Bhagat (Saint) Kabir, “Why should I recite the Name of God ?” He beamed and bemused he said - By serving the Guru and devotional worship of the Lord, this human body is obtained and even the gods long for it (God can be worshipped in the physical body. The gods have subtle bodies and so, they can`t do it), sovenerate it and with it remember God. || 1 || Remember the Lord and never forget Him. This is the gain of the human incarnation. Guru Granth Sahib, Kabir-1159-7.

gur syvw qy Bgiq kmweI ] qb ieh mwns dyhI pweI ]

ies dyhI kau ismrih dyv ] so dyhI Bju hir kI syv ]

Bjhu guoibMd BUil mq jwhu ] mwns jnm kw eyhI lwhu ] kbIr-1159-7

Gur sevaa t.ae bhagat. Kamaaee | T.abb eh maanas d.aehee paaee |

Iss d.aehee kou simarhe d.ev | So d.aehee bhaju har-e kee saev |

Bhaj-hu guaubin:d. bhoole mat.t. jaahu | Maanas janam kaa aehee laahu |

By serving the Guru and devotional worship of the Lord, this human body is obtained and even the gods long for it (God can be worshipped in the physical body. The gods have subtle bodies and so, they can`t do it), sovenerate it and with it remember God. || 1 || Remember the Lord and never forget Him. This is the gain of the human incarnation. Guru Granth Sahib, Kabir-1159-7.

What Gains Remembering God?

It removed my doubts about the purpose of my present journey in this life, to this world. I have come to settle the accounts of my previous births. Were there my births before and had I been incarnating and transmigrating, is another subject. I have to believe the statements of the great saints and the Gurus who were the Masters of this science. But still, seeking a further clarification, I bowed to my Fifth Master Guru Arjun Dev ji and beseeched, “ What is gained by reciting the Name of God ?” He very kindly narrated -

ismrau ismir ismir suKu pwvau ]

kil klys qn mwih imtwvay ] 5-262-10 sMkyq vjoN AStpdI dw ArMB idqw hY

simrou simre simre sukhu paavou |

kale klaes t.ann maahe mitaavou | 5-262-10 Start of Ashtpadi, given as a reference.

Be constantly in remembrance of Him, and find peace. Your worry and frustration shall be dispelled. Remember in praise the One who pervades the whole universe. His Name is chanted by the countless, in so many ways. The Vedas, the Puraanas and the Simritees, the purest of utterances, were created from the One Word of the Name of the Lord. That one, in whose soul (Subconscious) One Lord dwells , his praise is beyond measure. Lord, save me along with those who yearn only for the blessing of beholding You || 1 ||

Sukhmani the jewel - giver of the peace of mind, is the immortal Name of God. Its place is the mind of His devotees. || Pause || Remembering God, one does not have to take birth again. Remembering God, the time of death is no more. Remembering God, death is eliminated. Remembering God, one’s enemies get back. Remembering God, no more obstacles. Remembering God, one remains aware of Him night and day. Remembering God, one is not touched by fear. Remembering God, one does not suffer sorrow. Remembrance of God is in the Company of the holy. All treasures, O Nanak, are in the Love of the Lord. || 2 ||

Remembrance of God is the giver of cooked foods and other eatables, miraculous powers and nine treasures (Wealth of all types). In the remembrance of God are knowledge, meditation and the essence of wisdom. In the remembrance of God, is the recitation of His Name and devotional worship. In the remembrance of God, duality is removed. In the remembrance of God, are purifying baths at places of pilgrimages. In the remembrance of God, one attains acceptance in the Place of the Lord. In the remembrance of God, all that is good happens. In the remembrance of God, one is successful. They alone remember Him, whom He inspires to do so. Nanak touches the feet of such beings. || 3 ||

The remembrance of God, is the highest of all deeds. In the remembrance of God, even ordinary are saved. In the remembrance of God, desires are quenched. In the remembrance of God, one becomes all knowing. In the remembrance of God, there is no fear of death. In the remembrance of God, hopes are fulfilled. In the remembrance of God, mind gets cleansed. The immortal Name of the Lord, places Him in the heart of the devotee. God resides on the tongue (Words) of His Saint. Nanak is the slave of His such slaves. || 4 ||

Those who remember God are wealthy. Those who remember God are respectable. Those who remember God are accepted by Him. Those who remember God are distinguished ones. Those who remember God have not to depend on others. Those who remember God rule (The hearts of) others. Those who remember God stay in comfort. Those who remember God are immortal. Only those remember Him, to whom He is benevolent. Nanak bows to such beings, who remember Him || 5 ||

Those who remember God, selflessly help (Compassionate) others. Those who remember God, are held in high appreciation. . Those who remember God, their faces glow. Those who remember God, enjoy all he comforts. Those who remember God, conquer their souls (Subconscious - mind). Those who remember God, have pure ways. Those who remember God, have all the joys. Those who remember God, are close to God. By the kindness of Saints, he constantly stays in the awareness of God. Nanak, His remembrance comes by the perfect luck. || 6 ||

By remembering God, goals are achieved. By remembering God, one never grumbles. By remembering God, he speaks of the virtues of God (Praises Him). By remembering God, one achieves equipoise (Balance. Remembering Him becomes his habit, second nature) . By remembering God, one gets set in the firm faith on Him. By remembering God, one attains His knowledge. Remembrance of God, is the Celestial Music. The comforts from the remembrance of God, are endless. Only by the kindness of the Lord, one can remember Him. Nanak seeks the refuge of those, who remember Him. || 7 ||

Remembering the Lord, His devotees get revealed . Remembering the Lord, the Vedas were created. The practitioners of remembering the Lord, become adepts, celibates and philanthropists. Remembering the Lord, the lowly become known all over. Remembrance of the Lord, is the cause of the creation of the world. Remember, remember Creator the Lord. Remembrance of God leads to His Visible Form. In the remembrance of the Lord, the Formless (He Himself) is there. By His Grace, He bestows His Realization and the devotees attain it through remembering Him. || 8 ||

Guru Granth Sahib, 5th Guru, Page 262, Line 10. Sukhmani Sahib, First Ashtpadi.

I listened to the Guru`s Words very attentively. I was amazed to find that the remembrance of dear God was (And is) governing body, mind and soul for its development to live the life of dignified ethics, oriented to Him and to His Creation.

Well dear, perhaps, you have skipped a lot to hurriedly browse through. Please, read again, again and once again, concentrating on each Word of the Guru. You will be surprised to find the deep secrets revealed to you in his each Word. I know, it is not easy, but the wonderful things come in a little harder way. We have to deserve by working for them. You also, know it.

If we want to remember God for the worldly gains, there is nothing wrong in it, but it won`t be something real great. We should do it for the spiritual gains, self-culture and for the realization of God.

Why Remember Him When Even the Saints Die?

Not only the saints but even the Gurus died and this is the way of life and the world-order. Any thing that gets born, must go away -

Driq Awkwsu pwqwlu hY cMdu sUru ibnwsI ] bwidswh swh aumrwv Kwn Fwih fyry jwsI ] rMg quMg grIb msq sBu loku isDwsI ] kwjI syK mswiekw sBy auiT jwsI ] pIr pYkwbr AaulIey ko iQru n rhwsI ] rojw bwg invwj kqyb ivxu buJy sB jwsI ] lK caurwsIh mydnI sB AwvY jwsI ] inhclu sc uKudwie eyku Kudwie bMdw AibnwsI ] 5-1100-8

D:harat. Aakaas paat.aalu haae chand.u sooru binaasee | Baadesaah saah oumraav khaan dhaahe daerae jaasee | Ran:g t.un:g gareeb mast. Sabhu loku sid:haasee | Kaajee saekh masaa-ekaa sabhae out:he jaasee | Peer paaekaabar aouleeae ko thiru naa rhaasee | Rojaa Baag Nivaaj Kataeb vin.u bujhae sabh jaasee | Lakh chouraaseeh maed.anee sabh aavaae jaasee | Nehchalu sach Khud.aa-ae aeku Khud.aa-ae ban:d.aa ab-enaasee |

The earth, sky, moon and sun will come to an end. Kings, money-lenders, the title-holders (Officers, the rich) shall leave, their places becoming ruins. The poor, the rich, the humble, contented ones, will go away. The judges, preachers and the worshippers, shall move off. The saints, prophets and the miracle-doers, none will stay. People will hardly realize (The Lord through) fasts, calls to pray, prayers, the Holy Books and will depart. 8.4 million creatures on earth shall keep coming and going. Eternal is only the Lord and one that serves Him. 5-1100-8

It does not mean that when nothing is immortal, why pray. We pray to have its gains here and now, to make progress and become ethical and God oriented persons, to make the planet earth a happy place to live. Naam-Jaap brings peace of mind, calmness, humility, tolerance, indiscrimination, to stay in the will of God, high morale, compassion, strength to forgive, selfless service to others and universal love, beside all other good qualities. It cleans us of our vices. We become good citizens, model for others. Other gains of the Naam-Jaap and prayer are in addition to these.

Does God need me to remember Him?

Under the influence of our belief and faith, we presume God to be a neutral judge, do not expect Him to get influenced by the deeds of any person and what reaches Him is our humble, sincere and single minded prayer. Whatever we do, is for our own selves and not for Him. In the time of our need, He is our Shelter and Support, without which we can easily loose our mind and get lost. He is our Friend in our difficult times and gives us strength to bear the adverse circumstances. It is for our own good to know and keep close to Him, so that in any eventuality we have not to search for Him and He is not something new and unknown to us. Best way to befriend Him is to pray and practice the Naam-Jaap. Do this and see the effect for yourself. It is the best prescription for attaining peace of mind and to stay in a high morale. Since the time immemorial, people have been experimenting this and Prophets have been advising and guiding to do this. It is not something new for us to question. If you have questions, practice and find the truth for yourself.

How to Get His Grace?

Then, I pleaded with the First Guru Nanak Dev ji, to kindly tell the way to gain His Grace -

Pyir ik AgY rKIAY ijqu idsY drbwru ]

muhO ik bolxu boolIAY ijqu suix Dry ipAwru ]

Phaer kay aggaae rakheeaae jit.u d.issaae d.arbaaru |

Muhau kae bolan.u boleeaae jit.u sun.e d:harae peaaru |

What offering should I make by which I may get acceptance to God ?

What should I say to win His love ? GGS, 1-2-4. Jaappu ji Sahib.

The Master smiled. Benevolently, he disclosed -

AMimRq vylw scu nwau vifAweI vIcwru ]

Amr;it. vaelaa sachu Naaou vadeaaee veechaaru

In the early morning hours, chant the True Name of God

and contemplate on His Glory. G.G.S.1-2-5. Jaappu ji Sahib.

How to Remember God?

I understood that most important thing was to chant the Name of the Lord. I requested, “Sir, how should I recite the Name of the merciful God ?” Guru ji instructed -

AMqir guruU AwrwDxw ijhvw jp gur nwau ]

nyqRI siqgur pyKxw sRvxI sunxw gur nwau ] 5-517-14

An:t.re Guroo aaraad:hn.aa jehvaa Jaapp Gur Naaou |

Naet.r;ee Sat.egur paekhn.aa sarvan.ee sun-n.aa Gur Naaou |

Mentally, remember God and verbally, recite His Name.

Visually, behold Him and aurally, listen to the recitation of His Name.5-517-14

krin hir jsu nyqR drsnu rsin hir gun gwau ]

bilhwir jwey sdw nwnku dyhu Apxw nwau ] 5-988-7

Karne Har-e jassu naetr; d.arsanu rasne Har-e gun gaaou |

Balehaare jaa-ae sadaa Naanaku d.aeh Apn.aa Naaou |

With ears the Lord`s praise, seeing Him with eyes, with tongue saying His praise. For

this, Nanak is in His high appreciation and begs for the boon of His Name. 5-988-7

ihrdY jpau nyqR iDAwnu lwvhu sRvnI kQw sunwey ]

crxI clau mwrig Twkur kY rsnw hir gux gwey ] 5-1204-19

Hird.aae Jaapou naet.ar; d:heaanu laavhu sar;vanee kathaa sunaa-ae |

Charn.ee chalou maarag-e t:haakur ko rasnaa Har-e gun. gaaou |

In mind, recite His Name. Fix eyes (Inner eyes - third eye) on Him.

With ears listen narrations about Him.

With feet, go to the Master. With tongue, praise Him. 5-1204-19

pwv suhwvy jW qau iDir juldy sIsu suhwvw crxI ]

muKu suhwvw jW qau jsu gwvY jIau pieAw qau srxI ] 5-964-6

Paav suhaavae jaan` t.aou d:hire juld.ae seesu suhaavaa charan.ee |

Mukhu suhaavaa jaan` t.ou jass gaavaae jeeou paeaa t.ou sarn.ee |

Blessed are the feet if these take me to you. Blessed is the head if it bows at your feet.

Mouth is blessed if it sings your praise.

Blessed is the mind if it takes to your refuge. 5-964-6

Bhagat Ravidaas ji added -

icq ismrnu krau nYn Aivlokno sRvn bwnI sujsu pUir rwKo ]

mn su mDukru krau crn ihrdy Drau rsn AMimRq rwm nwm BwKau ] rivdws-694-10

Chit. Simranu karou naaen avelokno sar;van baanee sujasu poore raakhou |

Mann su mad:hukaru karou charan hirdae d:harou rasan amr;it Raam Naam bhaakhou

With mind, remember the Lord. With eyes. Keep him (See) in your eyes.

Keep ears filled with the Hymns of His praise.

Make heart (Mind) a bee (Seeker). Keep bowing to the Master.

With tongue repeat His Name. Ravidas-694-10

I learnt from my revered Masters that the recitation of the Name of God was the essence of every thing.

We have to remember God and make best use of the early morning calm hours, when there is no disturbance and we can focus our mind on Him. But, must we do it ? Yes, the Guru says so and we have to have our faith in him.

Material science is How and Why. Spiritual science begins and ends with Faith. If my faith is weak or I am lacking in it, it is my fault, I haven’t knowledge of it. This aspect of life is foreign to me. I never cared to know about it and felt bothered to listen on this subject. I had time for every thing else, but not for this.

I profess a faith but I do not know what it is. I do not observe its edicts but do claim to belong to it. If some one asks about it, I have no answers. What have I to answer others, I myself feel tired of it and question my faith. I question because I know nothing about it. I have How and Why only. I am totally empty and so, I am filled with How and Why. Same is the reason that the spiritual topics bore and tire me . I am blank about my faith because I did not have any role-model, it was not practiced in my environment, I was never introduced to it, the canopy of God was not spread over me and I never associated myself with my faith.

To quite the mind, I need to know my faith. I can know only if I experience it. I can do so (Experience) if I have inclination for it and can have this by having faith in God. The Faith comes first. I can as well, develop faith by persistent practice in it. This will set it in my mind.

All that Guru ji told, revived my faith. To talk to my precepts, I have to carefully read, recite and listen to what they dictate. After listening, I have to accept it. Accepting is applying it to my daily life. I have to observe the discipline of the Guru. Sri Guru Granth Sahib is my Living Guru. To talk to my Gurus, I need to read it with attention and understand it.

I have come to believe that the life is to evolve and we evolve by taking the Name of God. Repeated recitation of His names fixes Him into our subconscious, may be through the process of self-hypnosis. Once He is within us, we will do only good and nothing but good.

How should we recite His Name ? We can do it in any way it pleases us. There is full freedom for doing it and no binding. We have simply to say Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru. We have to keep calling on Him, silently, as well as by speaking it out. The only thing is absorption in Him and for this we put in efforts to control our minds.

kbIr kwm pry hir ismrIAY Aysw ismrhu inq ] kbIr-1373-5

Kabeer kaam parae Har-e simreeaae aaesaa simrhu nit.

Kabeer, remember God as you do when caught in a problem! Kabeer-1373-5

It is high time that we share our experiences for controlling the mind. Next, we will talk about how to do it and remember God.