My View Of Love As A Battle-scarred Old Lioness

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Inderjeet Kaur, May 11, 2018.

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    The hippies of my generation notwithstanding, human love isn't always pleasant and kind and flowers and beads. Love is often difficult and usually messy.

    This notion that love shouldn't hurt is all screwed up. Sometimes love hurts. I don't mean abuse; that's different topic...but when someone you love betrays you or dies or just leaves, it hurts. Or when someone else hurts someone you love, that hurts, too.

    Love isn't for the weak or for cowards. Love will demand from you every last drop of courage and strength and commitment that you can muster up. Hence the picture of the menacing cat instead of a cute little kitten.

    There are many kinds of love ranging from the totally physical all the way to the totally spiritually. The preceding paragraph means all these different kinds of love.

    So why do we bother? Please give me your answers.
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    In human love, we learn aspects and fragments of True love (unconditional love). You can begin to love someone, but leave them in dukh (false love).

    I learned unconditional love of family, who hurt me very badly and who I have had to distance myself from. Then I learned to love friends unconditionally, and they also hurt and betrayed me badly.

    Eventually, I saw God in them, beating me to meditate on the Source.

    I realised that God is the only True Lover. Everyone else hurts/abuses you, betrays you or leaves you whether its now or when we die. Only His love is eternal and is the highest form of love we can experience. I'm thankful that i've learned this sooner rather than later.
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