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My Story

Harkiran Kaur


Jul 21, 2012
I grew up raised as Catholic, but I 'quit' Sunday school at age 8 - not really sure why at the time, but I had already started to question the practice of limiting girls / women while boys / men were given all opportunity. In my teens I set out on a path of self discovery due to some experiences I had which can only be labeled as 'spiritual' or 'beyond the physical realm'. Eventually I met a Sikh guy who sparked my interest enough to read about the faith (we were only acquaintences) but I started to read Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and then I was hooked. I had to read more. My own beliefs and philosophy about the universe was written here, in agreement with quantum physics (a big interest of mine as it pertains to the very nature of the Universe and our existence) and this was written hunreds of years before the advent of modern science!

It's been over four years now since I made that first attempt to contact the local Gurdwara, shy and nervous about going there for the first time, scared I might make a mistake or look silly, or worried I'd be not taken seriously since I was not Punjabi. I was wrong... very wrong. I had been accepted with open arms, without question, and became a very active member of the Sangat.

In the last four years I went from that shy girl curious about Sikhi, to a valued and known member, became the first female to tie a turban in the Canadian Navy (after fighting for it and winning), meeting and marrying an Amritdhari Singh and taking Amrit myself by his side.

The transformation is unbelievable... it's like like looking at two different people when I look back at old photos! I stopped wearing makeup, stopped wearing most jewelry (though I now know jewelry is NOT prohobited, only piercings are), I now tie a dastar (turban) every single day, listen or read my nitnem banis each day, keep all five kakkars (articles of faith) and I truly see ME now.

Also, I can't describe the experience of taking Amrit other than to say:
Drinking the combination of iron / sweet five times; a taste lingers on your lips for the whole day, the feeling of amrit hitting your eyes five times which opens them to a new existence, and the feeling of amrit being dribbled in your hair five times, which serves to awaken you to the fact that there IS something above your head... an existence beyond the physical. You change in that moment. You become a new person, reborn into the Khalsa. Then sharing the remaining amrit with all initiates, as equals on equal level, it's a feeling you have to experience to know. I feel fortunate to have taken Amrit, and encourage everyone to strive for it. It's not the end of life, it's a new beginning... the start of a deeply spiritual journey and your life will have new meaning. That's all I can say :)

Anyway this was the summarized version of my story... in case it helps anyone who may be new to Sikhi.


Apr 8, 2015
Absolutely beautiful, this is inspirational! I don't think I've ever seen the process of taking Amrit described as well as you have just done above.

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