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My Sikh Friend Does NOT Want Me To Become A Sikh

I don't understand this. I have a friend who is a Sikh from India. I have been asking her about Sikhism and I thought she'd be happy that I was so interested in it but she kept suggesting that I stay in Christianity and find a way to worship more freely within the faith I was born into.

I find this kind of odd and wondered if any of you felt that way about people who want to come to Sikhism from different faiths. I really do not like the Abrahamic faiths even though I was born into one of them. The more I learn about Sikhism, the more I feel it is the path for me.

And yet she said to a friend that I was going through a spiritual quest and that she was "afraid" that I thought a conversion would relieve the pain I'm going through. I'm confused by that. If her faith gives her so much comfort and understanding, why would she feel it would be best for me to stay in this religion I was born into and try to carve some sort of compassion and understanding out of it when it is so lacking in those things.

Any thoughts on this? I'd like to understand this better because it hurts me that the one person who is the least supportive of my interest in becoming a Sikh is my only Sikh friend!


Some person beleive that a person should stay in faith which he/she is born.Also many people beleive that practising sikhism is tough so may be others cannot practice it or may be some people beleive that many people these days play with religion like converting and then leaving.For example 75% of converts to islam become apostate within a year so There are plenty of reason that
could be your friend does not want to become you sikh.


Funny, my sikh g/f left me because i became too Sikh.. Oh well.

Go ahead and dive right in, don't let anyone stop you.

If you desire to play this game of love, then step onto my Path with your head on your palm.

- Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Ang 1412


Dear carolineislands

This can be just a view point of one of the sikh and she might have dont this is good interest of yours .

Being a Sikh coming from christianity not some thing like going upside down . Its just another view point to spirtualit y and being a Sikh you might appreciate the Teaching of Christianity in even better way .
So dont woory and start with online community and take your time to become Sikh and it will surely be nice and adventerous journey

Best of Luck !

Funny, my sikh g/f left me because i became too Sikh.. Oh well.
Are you serious?!
Thank you all so much! It helps to receive some encouragement.

I think that the reason so many of the converts to Islam leave in the first year is they find out the real inside workings of that religion and realize its not something they would have ever gotten involved in had they known the truth about it from the beginning. I don't see this with Sikhism. It seems like people who convert to Sikhism stay forever and raise their children in it.

For me, I see things in Sikhism that Christianity simply does not offer. Those things are understanding, openness, tolerance and valuing of others and their ideas, and especially the integration of body and spirit. I need these things in my life. I have been very unhealthy for most of my life and its because I have lived in my mind and not in my body. Sikhism deals with that and I truly believe that if I do not learn to include my body in my living that I will not have it to ride around in much longer.

Sikhism is something I love so much for its beauty but I also need to learn so many of the things it offers in order for me to survive. No exaggeration.

I am going to become Sikh because I see in my heart that I already am and always have been one anyone. Many of the things about Sikhism are things that I have searched for all my life and things that have set me apart from many people around me.

Okay, have to run... work!

Thank you all SO much!!!!
I am serious. I noticed she didn't fine me as cute when i started wearing patka, but when i started talking about wearing kakkars, and dastaar, apparently it was to much. :p

Maybe she was just turned on by the thrill of someone so different from her?

I wrote my friend back and asked her why she seemed to be discouraging me from becoming a Sikh and she explained things a bit better. She said that leaving your religion for another one was a foreign concept to her because all religions are equal and that God is inside of you no matter what religion you practice. She said that you are the same person whether you're reading the Quran or the Bible and that she couldn't imagine changing religions as her religion is part of the molecules of who she is.

I replied that perhaps it is because her religions allows her that freedom and mine did not. Perhaps she can't imagine changing religions because her religion gives her all she needs?

I think I understand her better and I hope she understands me better as well.
I just wish I had someone in my life, a Sikh, who would be willing to help me learn. There is so much to learn!!! When you are isolated and can't get to a Gurdwara and don't have Sikh friends to talk to and get advice from, or anyone to kind of guide you along and give you things to read and ideas about where to start -- well, it's kind of hard to know where to start! LOL

I downloaded the scriptures and read when I have time. I bought a DVD by a Sikh man to do yoga in the morning and I bought a CD of Snatam Kaur which is beautiful. And I watch as much as I can find on youtube. I read the messages on this forum and read as much as I can online. But I still kind of feel like I'm wandering around without much guidance.


Still, I get a lot of comfort and peace from even the small part I know. This morning I sang, "Ohm namo, Guru dev namo"

That was my start...


Dear caroline

just asked her which religion her ancestors belong and why they became sikh if accepting religion is foreign concept?


carolineislands ji,

i can get you in touch with some Kaurs i know, if you have MSN instant messenger, you can talk to them his evening. Please PM me if you wish to do so.

PS. I will also share some kirtan with you as well, it's great to sing along with (some videos have translations) and good for naam simran (repetation of god's name)

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