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My Principles


Jun 24, 2004

These are open to dicussion:

Contact info: yahoo messanger: mandeepg02
MSN messanger: mandeep@attbi.com
Aim messanger: sikhaxi13
Sikhpal.com: Axiom

1. God is one
2. The mind controls the heart and the heart controls the mind
3. Nothing is cast in stone
4. Everything has its purpose
5. Everything is man-made and material
6. There is no right philosophy
7. One should always have a charismatic personality
8. When is doubt, remember your God and your path
9. Believe in your abilities, confidence will lead you on
10. Everything that has a beginning has an end
11. Every rose has its thorns
12. One must begin the race in order to finish it
13. Fate is made up of the choices you make
14. Equilibrium is brought by contradictions
15. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
16. The moment is changing
17.Within every disaster, there lies opportunity
18.He who angers you controls you
19.He who kneels before God can stand before anyone
20. Nothing is as it seems
21. There is no wrong way to do something right
22. There is no such thing as an honest man.
23. One should never be afraid of work.

These can still be reviewed, im only 17 for God's sake!

Thx, Axiom

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