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My Humble Prayer !

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by Archived_Member16, Aug 26, 2005.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Bilaaval on Pannaa 795

    iblwvlu mhlw 1 ]
    mnu mMdru qnu vys klµdru Gt hI qIriQ nwvw ]
    eyku sbdu myrY pRwin bsqu hY bwhuiV jnim n Awvw ]1]
    mnu byiDAw dieAwl syqI myrI mweI ]
    kauxu jwxY pIr prweI ]
    hm nwhI icMq prweI ]1] rhwau ]
    Agm Agocr AlK Apwrw icMqw krhu hmwrI ]
    jil Qil mhIAil Birpuir lIxw Git Git joiq qum@wrI ]2]
    isK miq sB buiD qum@wrI mMidr Cwvw qyry ]
    quJ ibnu Avru n jwxw myry swihbw gux gwvw inq qyry ]3]
    jIA jMq siB srix qum@wrI srb icMq quDu pwsy ]
    jo quDu BwvY soeI cMgw iek nwnk kI Ardwsy ]4]2]

    bilaaval mehalaa 1 ||
    man ma(n)dhar than vaes kala(n)dhar ghatt hee theerathh naavaa ||
    eaek sabadh maerai praan basath hai baahurr janam n aavaa ||1||
    man baedhhiaa dhaeiaal saethee maeree maaee ||
    koun jaanai peer paraaee ||
    ham naahee chi(n)th paraaee ||1|| rehaao ||
    agam agochar alakh apaaraa chi(n)thaa karahu hamaaree ||
    jal thhal meheeal bharipur leenaa ghatt ghatt joth thumhaaree ||2||
    sikh math sabh budhh thumhaaree ma(n)dhir shhaavaa thaerae ||
    thujh bin avar n jaanaa maerae saahibaa gun gaavaa nith thaerae ||3||
    jeea ja(n)th sabh saran thumhaaree sarab chi(n)th thudhh paasae ||
    jo thudhh bhaavai soee cha(n)gaa eik naanak kee aradhaasae ||4||2||

    Bilaawal, First Mehl:
    My mind is the temple, and my body is the simple cloth of the humble seeker; deep within my heart, I bathe at the sacred shrine.
    The One Word of the Shabad abides within my mind; I shall not come to be born again. ||1||
    My mind is pierced through by the Merciful Lord, O my mother!
    Who can know the pain of another?
    I think of none other than the Lord. ||1||Pause||
    O Lord, inaccessible, unfathomable, invisible and infinite: please, take care of me!
    In the water, on the land and in sky, You are totally pervading. Your Light is in each and every heart. ||2||
    All teachings, instructions and understandings are Yours; the mansions and sanctuaries are Yours as well.
    Without You, I know no other, O my Lord and Master; I continually sing Your Glorious Praises. ||3||
    All beings and creatures seek the Protection of Your Sanctuary; all thought of their care rests with You.
    That which pleases Your Will is good; this alone is Nanak's prayer. ||4||2||

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