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General My Cousin's Son


May 9, 2006
So last week I got very excited. My cousin messaged me asking if I went to a Sikh temple and if so, which one, etc. I then flooded her with my response. "Oh! Yes! I used to go to This Gurdwara. If you're interested I can show you around, show you what to do. But be warned, they'll try to give you a morsel of blessed food and it's not vegan! It has ghee in it! But if we go for a service we could leave before they start giving it out, we don't have to stay the whole time, people come and go. Or you could give yours to me, it's delicious! So when are we going??" :D

She replied saying she was just at one and they told her the food was vegan so she ate it! Turns out, her son's teacher is a Sikh and has built great rapport with her students. The son is about 8 years old, and interested, and so the teacher invited them to Gurdwara and they went along.

I had to try really hard to contain my excitement. I emailed my cousin an English version of SGGSJ to have a look at. I gave her some tips what to look for / look out for when searching on the interwebby thingy. I know she's short on time, so I offered to send her periodic sound bytes about Sikhi. I sent the first one off today, just two very short paragraphs. It's so difficult, I'm bursting to tell her all about this beautiful thing from Guru ji! But I don't want to scare her away or bother her, so I have to be content with drip feeding her bits of info she can read on the go and absorb in small amounts.


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