Islam Muslims Accused Of Blackmail To Make Student Girls Convert

From The Times
March 03, 2007

Muslims accused of blackmail to make student girls convert

Nicola Wool{censored}

Radical Muslims are being accused of blackmailing young Hindu and Sikh women into changing religion in “groomed conversions” on campuses.
The men aggressively target vulnerable university students by using the fear of being dishonoured to force them to convert, community leaders have told The Times. Many befriend their victims, then threaten to tell their families that they are in a sexual relationship with a Muslim. Some teenagers are said to have been drugged and photographed in compromising positions.
Many comply because they are so afraid of shaming their parents or being rejected by their communities.

Police are aware of the problem. Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, recently attended a Hindu conference where the issue was raised. But police are powerless to act unless incidents are reported. This rarely happens because the stigma of a child converting to Islam often silences Sikh and Hindu parents.

Community elders say that the practice is widespread but their estimates vary from 100 annual incidents nationwide to 120 in the past few months in the South East alone.
Ranjeet Singh, of the British Organisation of Sikh Students, said: “There are cases of aggressive techniques, of drugging and of rape, of the man taking photos and blackmailing the girls into converting.

“They know that by dishonouring the girls, they will make their families disown them. In the past few months there have been about 120 cases in Luton and the South East. It’s a problem that has been going on for a while, but a lot of people are reluctant to come forward and there’s not much being done.

“It’s not the whole Muslim community, it’s extremist individuals. Some girls are very innocent and vulnerable when they go to university. Then they are befriended by these men. We know of some whose lives have been ruined.”

Some of the young women have suffered physical violence. Others have said that the men claimed to have been paid to convert their victims.
Ramesh Kallidai, secretary-general of the Hindu Forum of Britain, said: “The main problem is these girls feel very vulnerable and intimidated by these men. They talk about it to their friends, who tell us what is happening, but don’t want to speak to the police. Some families are completely broken apart by it. It becomes difficult to admit in public.
“One girl was beaten up when she refused to convert. She is petrified. She only spoke to one other girl about it, who contacted us.”

One Sikh organisation sets up telephone helplines and arranges visits to temples to raise awareness of the problem. Its leader, who wishes his identity and the group’s to remain anonymous, said: “This is very much taboo. These issues have been going on for many years and come to the boil at university.

“I deal with many very serious cases. There are horrific examples of abuse and blackmail, with men saying they’re going to tell the girl’s parents. Then they’re pretty much trapped. We call it groomed conversions. Some of the girls go through with it because they feel they have no choice.
“The men start a relationship with them, with the agenda of conversion down the line. Sometimes they take a picture of her in a compromising position. It’s so easy with camera phones. An 18-year-old girl ends up in a situation that she can’t control.”

He said that the extremists were exploiting the Sikh community’s tendency to treat conversion as a grave dishonour, adding: “That’s a cultural mindset we need to tackle. It’s the worst thing you could face — worse than bankruptcy or losing your job.”

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman confirmed that officers had attended a Hindu security conference last month. She said: “We are aware of it as an issue that concerns the Hindu community but are not aware, without further research, of any specific incidents reported to police. We would encourage anyone who has been targeted in this way to seek help.”

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This article is sheer propaganda by RSS backed elements. This has been historically done by brahmin lobbies to misguide sikhs in past and ceating hatered toward communities like muslim for own agendas. So Sikhs need to be careful in present ear of information.



This article is sheer propaganda by RSS backed elements. This has been historically done by brahmin lobbies to misguide sikhs in past and ceating hatered toward communities like muslim for own agendas. So Sikhs need to be careful in present ear of information.


the article is not rss propaganda but truth.there are many sikhs here from u.k.
who are facing lot of problems from muslims.just visit the following site and you know the truth.

Sikh4Life Mission Statement
This coercive conversion of non-Muslim women is practised in Egypt, Pakistan and India as well. Read their newspapers.

And the men who are successful get paid for their efforts.

Read this testimony: Confessions of a Former Islamist and decide for yourself what is the truth.
Excerpt from Pak Hindu girls forced to convert to Islam by Hasan Mansoor (November 15, 2005)

Karachi: An alarming trend — that of Muslims kidnapping Pakistani Hindu girls and forcing them to convert to Islam — in Pakistan’s Sindh province is forcing the worried resident Hindu community to marry off their daughters as soon as they are of marriageable age or to migrate to India, Canada or other nations.

(Read the rest for yourself.)

Niku 38

Anyone who knows sikh history or even early indian history will know that this has been going on for hundreds of years, In the early years of Mogul domination of india, it was done by force, but now muslims are using a far smarter form to achieve their goals.
I have personally seen a hindu girl been attempted via sexual harrasment to convert, this was brought to my attention via the girls father(my collegue at work). Eventually she was persuaded and now lives a good life, but the episode left the whole house in turmoil for a long time.
This goes on all the time and the only way to help our daughters is to invest time in them and teach them of our cuture, religion & values, and be honest with them and tell them that there are muslim B******s out there who make it an occupation.
There also financial insentives given to muslim youth to complete the converstions. DON'T KID YOURSELF, THIS IS HAPPENING!!:}--}: