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Muslim Followers Of The Guru

I am a Muslim who has come to the conclusion that Guru Nanak was a messenger of God. I am not ready (at least now) to become a Sikh, so I would like to learn more about the Muslims who ( I have heard) lived with, followed, and even fought alongside the Gurus. If anyone could give me any information on this, or at least point me to it, it would be much appreciated; this will be a strange road at least for now, as many Muslims would consider this apostasy, and I'd like to know about others who have done it.


Good luck on your path, i converted from Buddhism months ago... many good wishes for you ji...

xuda hafiz


There were some muslim followers of guru

You were Blocked

You were Blocked

Even as a muslim you can follow message of guru nanak dev ji.Gurudwara's are open for everybody

But please remember there philosphical differences between sikh philosophy and islamic philosophy so its just like putting your feets in 2 boats.

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