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Moving To Montreal, Canada Need Help!


Oct 18, 2010
Re: Introducing Myself

Sat Sri Akaal ji to all. My name is Balraj Singh and i am currently living in Toronto and entirely in this country since last 2 Years. I am planning to move to Montreal. I never been to Montreal before so I'm not much familiar with the city either and I am searching for an accommodation for myself around the city where i can find people of our community. For this i searched a lot online but didn't found anything and even i have no idea where in the city most of our people resides. I will appreciate if anybody could help me in this regard. Meharbaani ji. SSA
Re: Introducing Myself

Hello :)

I am the webmiz for I myself live in Montreal, not a Sikh myself, but can point you in the right direction!

As far as communities, in the 90's Montreal accepted many imigration applications from people wanting to move from India. The new arrivals seemed to settle on an area, not too far from downtown that has become Little India!

The area is call Park-Extention South.

I am posting a google map if I can that will show that area of the city, and all the Gurdwaras around there.

This page, links to events going on in the area

and here is the map :)

I hope you enjoy our beautiful city and find all you need!,+Montreal,+Quebec&sll=45.519218,-73.576298&sspn=0.072888,0.16943&ie=UTF8&hq=Gurdwara,&hnear=Montreal,+Communauté-Urbaine-de-Montréal,+Quebec&filter=0&update=1&z=11

Miz welcomekaur


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
miz ji

A personal thanks to you for looking after a forum member. You have to be very busy with Sikh Foundation. But you have taken time, it is very apparent, to follow other threads at SPN in addition to the foundation threads. You have also taken your precious time to help another person by finding and sharing some useful resources.

Thanks from SPN. :)


Oct 18, 2010
oh and to give you an idea of prices for rentals in the area this site is great. I am posting the ads for park-ex so you can see :)

Sat Sri Akkal Ji,

I would like to say my Thanks to Miz and Sonia Ji for taking out their time to help me out and for providing me such a valuable information and moreover i am thankful to Aman bhaaji ( SPN Admin) as well. I will search online for the communities and accommodation web links provided by you..

Dhanwaad once again,
Wahguru ji sub nu chardi kala bakshan.
Balraj Singh

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