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India Mothers Strangle Their 2 Newly Married Daughters

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
15 May 2011

Police: Mothers strangle their 2 newly married daughters
in honour killing in northern India

By Nirmala George, The Associated Press | The Canadian Press – Sun, 15 May, 2011

NEW DELHI - Two Muslim mothers in a northern Indian town have been arrested on accusations they killed their daughters for dishonouring the family by eloping with Hindu men, police said Sunday.

Newlyweds Zahida, 19, and Husna, 26, were strangled when they returned home after getting married to men of their choice, said Anil Kumar Kusan, a police officer.

Marriages between Hindus and Muslims are not common in India and are frowned upon by both communities, although there are more instances of inter-religious marriages among the educated urban population.

Across India, many marriages are still arranged by families. But with the booming economy and more women entering the work force, such traditions are slowly giving way to love marriages.

However, centuries-old caste and community barriers still come into play, and there has been a spurt in "honour killings" in recent years across northern India.
Zahida and Husna were neighbours in Baghpat, a town in India's Uttar Pradesh state, when they fell in love with two construction workers. They eloped and got married last week before returning home to make peace with their families, Kusan said.

The women belonged to Muslim families and their mothers, both widows, were furious, Kusan said.

Initial investigations showed that the mothers helped each other to strangle their daughters.

"We killed them because they brought shame to our community. How could they elope with Hindus? They deserved to die. We have no remorse," Khatun, one of the mothers, was quoted as saying by the Indian Express newspaper after her arrest Friday. Khatun uses only one name.

Earlier this week, India's Supreme Court recommended the death penalty for honour killings, calling the practice barbaric and feudal.

Most victims of such killings are young adults who fall in love or marry against their families' wishes. In some cases, village councils order couples killed who marry outside their caste or religion.

While there are no official figures, an independent study found around 900 people are killed each year in India for defying their elders.

source: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/2-mothers-kill-2-newly-married-daughters-honour-073454040.html


Apr 3, 2005
In future conflicts between Hindus and muslims are going to rise over the issue interfaith marriages.Now hindu's will feel that their girls freely marry muslim men but muslim girls are killed when they marry Hindu so they too may take voilent action against their girls


ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār
Dec 21, 2010
kds1980 ji in this case if one follows Supreme Court dictum the following will happen,

  • Two Muslim girls allegedly killed by two Muslims (mom's --- not sure if they deserve to be called moms)
  • Two Muslims killed by state (Hanged per Supreme Court)
  • End result:
    • 4 less Muslims in India
    • Muslims in India maligned as barbaric
In a civilized society if such an exception incident were to happen the two mom's will be tried for murder. Tagging the "Honor Killing" tag to such is a way of maligning minorities as the assumption goes it will be generally be the minorities (Sikhs, Punjabis, Muslims). Hindu upper classes may do the same but they will have influence to cover up or buy their way out of such.

This can be called control of the media by majority and upper classes.

Majorities always win. They either love you to death or hate you to death!

Sat Sri Akal.


Apr 3, 2005
Ambarsaria ji

You don't know muslims.Nothing can control them.In Many cities of India muslims do most of lowly jobs and still have too many kids.On the other hand Hindu's are embracing liberal.materialistic culture of west,result delayed or no marriages few kids.In long run muslims have very bright future



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