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Mother Of The Khalsa Nation

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by Aman Singh, May 10, 2010.

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    Jun 1, 2004
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    Mother of the Khalsa Nation

    MATA SAHIB KAUR (1681 - 1747)

    Mata Sahib Kaur was born November 1, 1681 A.D. in Rohtas, Punjab, the present day Jhelum area in Pakistan.

    Named Sahib Devi or Devan at birth, she was the daughter of Sikh parents Mata Jasdevi and Bhai Ramu Bassi.

    A convoy of Sikhs journeyed from North Punjab to make offerings to Guru Gobind Singh. A very devoted Sikh, Bhai Ramu brought his daughter in a covered palanquin to offer as a bride to the Guru. The Guru refused the offer, saying that he had no interest since he was already married and had four sons.

    Sahib's father pressed Guru Sahib, saying he had broadcast the news that she was promised to the Guru to serve him and people had begun calling her Mata (Mother). Bhai Ramu told the Guru that if he refused his daughter, her reputation would be ruined, she would no longer be marriageable and it would be considered a grave sin on her parents part.

    Compassion moved the Guru to honor the girl and accede to her father's wishes. The Guru agreed to accept Sahib Devi into his household where she might remain under his protection and serve him if she would be willing for their relationship to be of a spiritual nature only. Sahib Devi agreed and marriage rites were preformed.

    Sahib Devi took up residence in the apartments of the Guru's mother, Mata Gujri.

    Although Sahib Devi had agreed to the arrangement between herself and the Guru, as time passed she longed to become a mother. Refusing food until Guru Gobind Singh came to see her, she ardently expressed her desire for children. The Guru very kindly told her though he could give her no earthly children, but if she accepted initiation into the order of the Khalsa, she would become the mother of an entire spiritual nation and countless children.

    She was present at the First Vaisakhi at Anandpur. When the Guru started stirring the amrit with his Khanda to initiate the Five Beloved Ones, she brought a handful of patashaas (sugar-cakes) which she added to the bowl, declaring that the Khalsa would be sweet and compassionate as saints while being strong and fierce as protectors of the weak!

    Later, Sahib Devi took the nectar of immortality in an Amrit initiation ceremony and, reborn as Mata Sahib Kaur, became forever immortalized as the Mother of the Khalsa Nation.

    Mata Sahib Kaur attended on Guru Gobind Singh, accompanying him even when he went into battle and served him for the rest of his life. She was with Guru Gobind Singh in Nander when he left his mortal body on October 67, 1708 A.D.

    Bhai Mani escorted Mata Sahib Kaur to Delhi to join the Guru's widow, Mata Sundri. Mata Sahib Kaur spent the remainder of her mortal life in service of the Khalsa Nation.

    Eight edicts decreed by her helped to shape the Khalsa Panth.

    Mata Sahib Kaur lived to be 66 years of age before her death in 1747 A.D. Her funeral cremation took place in Delhi where a memorial stands in her honor.

    Important Dates and Corresponding Events

    * Birth: Rohtas - November 1, 1681 A.D. Sahib Devi is born to Jasdevi and Ramu Bassi.
    * Motherhood: Anandpur - In the Amrit initiation ceremony Sahib Devi is reborn into the Khalsa order and forever after honored as Mata Sahib Kaur, mother of the Khalsa Nation.
    * Widowed: Nander, October 67, 1708
    * Death: Delhi - 1747 A.D

    A Happy Mother's Day (Sunday, May 9, 2010) to all!

    [Courtesy: about.com]

    May 7, 2010
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