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Sikh News Monty Panesar Faces Racial Abuse

Jul 10, 2006
Monty Panesar faces Racial Abuse
By SSNews, jon pierik, daily telegraph,
Nov 12, 2006, 16:25

South African skipper Graeme Smith, speaking from his experience in Australia last summer, fears Panesar is ''going to cop an unbelievable amount of abuse'' during the Ashes campaign from local fans desperate to help their side reclaim cricket's famous urn.

Panesar, a bearded Sikh who wears a black patka, has spent time discussing how to deal with Australian crowds, and has also spoken with former England spinner Phil Tufnell about what sort of baiting he could expect.

Smith has warned of the taunts which he feels await Panesar. "I was chatting to some of our team just the other day and we all shivered at the prospect of what he could be in for," Smith said.

"He is going to cop an unbelievable amount of abuse. I sincerely hope for everyone's sake, but especially his, that it isn't of a racist nature, but our own experience obviously leaves us with doubts. Hopefully Monty can become a bit of a folk hero. I can see how that might happen.

''But if he is selected instead of (Ashley) Giles at the beginning of the tour then the noise levels when he comes on to bowl, or even just fields the ball at mid-on, will be close to unbearable. I dread to think of him fielding on the boundary."

Smith's team suffered racial abuse at several grounds last summer. The tourists were particularly riled after hearing the word 'kaffir' - a racist term used against black people in southern South Africa - regularly shouted at them from the stands.

This prompted the International Cricket Council's solicitor general Goolam Vahanvati to launch an inquiry into spectator behaviour with Cricket Australia, with the result a series of hard-line changes to cricket's anti-racism code.

Australia captain Ricky Ponting has said England's spin king is likely to be a target for the home crowd.


Jul 10, 2006
Monty Panesar: Racist Slurs Don't Faze Me
By SSNews, cricinfo, inthenews
Nov 13, 2006, 17:21

Monty Panesar has been taunted with racist abuse during England's three-day warm-up match against New South Wales at Sydney. Panesar, a bearded Sikh who wears a black patka - was fielding on the boundary fence under the Clive Churchill Stand, when he was abused by a group of spectators on the opening day of the match.

Sydney's Daily Telegraph reported that a spectator had shouted: "Give us a wave Monty. You can't speak English you stupid Indian, What are you doing playing in the English side, you're not English."

Australia's racism problem came to light during South Africa's tour of the country last year, when Graeme Smith's men complained of the use of the derogatory term "kaffir". This week, Smith himself warned Panesar of the reception he was likely to get, adding: "We all shivered at the prospect of what he could be in for."

A spokesman for the England team said: "We have come out here to play the game with dignity, and we expect the Australian fans will show the sportsmanship they are renowned for and hope they will respect the players both on and off the field."

Niku 38

Aug 6, 2006
i suffered racial abuse as i was growing up due to my hair/turban, but this only made me stronger in terms of my religion and has served to make me appreciate my faith, especially the cultural and identity aspect.

This kind of abuse will only serve to make monty more focused on his chosen career and will spur him to perform better in my opinion, as it did me.
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