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Molding The Minds Of The Young

Jun 1, 2004
What do you think about public education and its overall political message?

Basiclly, I think its amazingly bent left, and not just a little, but horribly. My friends economics teacher explains to him in almost every class the "terrors" of trickle-down economics. My own english teacher ridicules the conservatives in my class saying that we are all gun-toting wackos. We introduced a bill in our school's congress simulation ((which can actually make school rules and new ciriculum and stuff)) that would create a Rifle Team from the school and she told us for the last 10 minutes of the class why its crazy and that we should be ashamed of ourselves.

Also, look at the amazing political correctness of the whole system, every is afraid of offending someone else, its so hard to say anything really that won't offend everyone cause they are all to wound up. I know a girl that gets insulted if you tell her you step on ants.

Our principle labels us right-wingers as "intolerant fools".
A school system should not be pushing an agenda, its just horrible.


Nov 11, 2004
Well, if the school rules say no weaponry on campus, then I don't think it's pushing an agenda, but rather enforcing the rules and not showing hypocrisy. However, most after school programs have a purpose. Perhaps the teacher should have asked the students why they felt it was necessary to have a Rifle Team and what good what it have done for th e students. What is educational/beneficial about the Rifle Team to the students' upbringing?

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