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General Moderating Vs Debating

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Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
I would like to know from the members if it is ok for a moderator to debate and moderate at the same time.If it is Ok then how can one find the balance without asserting one's own point of view?

We as members should remind ourselves as often as possible that the moderator's role is very important to help further the debate/discussion, to bring the debate/discussion back on track when it can easily be deviated by the enthusiasm of the debating members, input where needed to put clarity into the subject being discussed and many other good things to keep the flow of the forum.

Input from all would be welcome.


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Jun 1, 2004
Respected Tejwant Ji and fellow members,

Thanks a lot for raising such an important issue. In my perception, moderation on SPN is quite different from other forums... Moderation on SPN is done by mostly members themselves.

How this is achieved by members?

Well, we have kept the forums open for almost any type of comments except bad language or personal attacks. And you will find some of the most controversial and heated discussions are still perserved in their original form for the ready reference of the new readers. The idea is that people should read and understand/judge for themselves as to how various people think about
a topic or what is right/better perspective. And thus the topic is self-moderated by comments and counter comments. Members debate the issue with the poster and then the topics evolve with thought processes going to different directions but even then the discussion is centered about the subject in hand.

We have specifically never used the word Moderator at SPN as there role not strictly reserved for moderation. The interference by Forum/Team leaders at SPN is quite insignificant when it comes to asserting their own views. I believe we can hardly quote from 15000 odd topics, where Forum Leadres have asserted their views on members. If there are some instances then we can surely learn from these mistakes. I dont find any fault in team leaders participating in discussions actively as i do believe nobody can stop a thought process and everybody has a right to share his/her views without ofcourse asserting them.

You will be surprised to learn that in last more than two year, only one topic has been closed for discussion as it was going nowhere. We are always on the lookout for members coming forward and join our panel of Forum Leaders. We would be glad if learned members like yourself could join the panel and guide the discussions in the right direction.

Warm Regards
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