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Islam Miracles In The Holy Qur'an And Hadeeth


Feb 18, 2012
peace be upon you

Seeking it rapidly

When a photo of the Earth rotating around itself is being taken and accelerated, then we can clearly see the sequenced consecution and progression of light and darkness. As if the darkness if following this thin layer of light without surpassing it! The discovery of the Earth rotation, the overlapping of light with darkness and vice versa required great efforts, money, space crafts, devices and hundreds of scientists.

How great is the Holy Quran that is showing us, through a verse, that the night covers the day and seeks it rapidly in continuous manner, He the Almighty says: "He brings the night as a cover over the day, seeking it rapidly" (54: Al A'raf). In deed, it was proved that the Earth is rotating at very high speed but thanks to Allah's mercy we do not feel its rotation.

The source of water

Granite rocks, despite its solidity and cohesion and the lack of spaces between them, it allows water to pass through very small pores. This property makes the water falling from the sky to be stored inside the Earth after it passes through the pores of these rocks, and without this feature of the Earth rocks, the water will not be able to leak into distant depths underground.

The amazing is that the Quran had referred to the source of fresh water in the following verse: "And We sent down from the sky water (rain) in (due) measure, and We gave it lodging in the earth, and verily, We are Able to take it away "(18: Al Muiminun). This verse confirms that the source of the water inside the Earth is the rain water as in the case of groundwater which has been scientifically proven! This fact was not known at the time of Quran revelation, so who informed the honorable Prophet about it?


Medical researches had discovered benefits of the vinegar and they still finding out more benefits. It was verified that the vinegar prevents diarrhea as it contains holding materials. Also the regular and small intake of vinegar disinfects the stomach and the digestive tract, activates digestion and kills parasites in the intestine.

The vinegar is an effective antibiotic that was used in the treatment of gingivitis and tooth decay

Honest is the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, when he said: "tenderize is the vinegar as an edible liquid".

Vinegar contains a small amount of protein and carbohydrates, also containing sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and chlorine.
Dr Cyril Scott and Morris Hansen in their book about the benefits of apple cider vinegar that:
First - to prevent diarrhea because it contains astringent.
Second - activates the process of digestion and metabolism in the body.
Third - prevents necrosis of the teeth.
IV - kills parasites in the intestine.
V - can be used to improve digestion when those who have a lack of stomach acid.
Aisha may Allah be pleased that the Prophet peace be upon him said: "Yes, food is Aladam _ _ or vinegar." Sahih Muslim
Aladam: What Aatadm him, said: Adam bread with vinegar, or dip the bread in vinegar and eat it, and collect Aladam: Adam, as writers and books.
As the vinegar by the disinfectant for the intestines, and some people recommended using it to gargle the mouth and throat, mouth be clean of bacteria that is what leads us to God's words ((3) Nor does he speak from [his own] inclination
(4) It is not but a revelation revealed
(5) Taught to him by one intense in strength)

The Milk of Camels.

Scientists had proved recently the contribution of the benefits of Camels milk in the treatment of many diseases. The American Journal of Sciences had revealed the presence of antibiotics that are unique of its kind in the milk of camels and they said that it has cure for many serious diseases! This cure in the milk of camels is what the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, had told us about before 14 centuries! He the Almighty says: "Do they not look at the camels, how they are created?" (17: Al Ghashiya).

Do they not look at the camels

Allah, the Exalted, ordered us to meditate his creatures so he said: "Do they not look at the camels, how they are created?" (17: Al Ghashiya), and if we studied camels, we would find many wonders. The camel can tolerate high temperatures up to 70 degree Celsius and the camel of two bosses can tolerate coldness up to minus 40 degrees! Moreover, the camel can drink both sweet and salty water and has the ability to endure thirstiness for more than a month. And it can walk in the desert whatever are the conditions like dust, high temperature, storms, etc, All praises to Allah.

Prayer and emotional stability

The prayer has many great psychological effects, as when the believer complete prayer solemnity, it will help him to concentrate and contemplate which is the most important way for tension and nervous exhaustion relief. Additionally, praying is an effective treatment for anger, rashness and hastiness because it teaches the believer how to be calm and obedient to Allah, the Exalted with patience and modesty.

These things, positively affect the neuraxis and functions of the heart as it regulates heartbeats and blood flow. Also praying helps the believer to remove all the inner deposits from depression, worry, fears, psychological emotions as they all removed as soon as the believer remember that he is in the hands of the Almighty and that He will not abandon him as long as he worships him faithfully, He the Exalted says: "Successful indeed are the believers * Those who offer their prayers with all solemnity and full submissiveness" (1-2 Al Mu'iminun).

The End of the Sun

When the star grows and gets older, it explodes and decrease in size and become a white midget in an explosion that has the temperature of 400.000 degree Celsius! Scientist confirm that our sun will have the same end and burns, this burning or combustion will result in reducing the size of the sun into small dim sun in stages. Isn't it marvelous to find the Quran telling us about the end of the sun in Him, the Exalted, saying: "When the sun is wound round" (1: AL Takwir). This cosmic fact was not known at the time when Quran was revealed where the people used to believe that the Universe is eternal, therefore, this verse indicates the end of the sun that the scientists discussing currently and this is one miracle of the Quran.

The two seas partition 1

Scientist discovered the presence of aquatic partitions that separate the sweet river from the sea at the downstream and they consider these partitions as one of the nature wonders that maintain the environmental balance. All praises to The Almighty who referred to this scientific fact hundreds of years before the scientists did, He the Exalted says: "And it is He Who has let free the two seas (kinds of water): this is palatable and sweet, and that is salt and bitter; and He has set a barrier and a complete partition between them "(53: Al Furqan). It was proved that the water of the sea do not cross the borders and mix with the river but it keep its balance because of this complete partition.

The two seas partition 2

There is aquatic partitions between every two seas in this planet! For example the junction point of the Red sea and the Indian ocean is at Bab Al Mandab strait (or gate of tears strait), this point has a several kilometers area called Isthmus in which the properties of each sea kept different from the other and never mix together! And this is what the Quran told us in the following noble verse: "He has let loose the two seas (the salt and fresh water) meeting together * Between them is a barrier which none of them can transgress" (19-20 Ar Rahman ). The word "meeting" means mix and upset, and it was proved that the separating area undergo mixing and disturbance of the flow stream, nevertheless, each of the two seas keeps its properties though thousands of years had passed, glory to Allah.

Storage of water underground

Scientists said that the quantity of the fresh water stored underground is much larger than the quantity in rivers and lakes. This discovery is relatively new but it is not according to the Noble Quran, the book of the Almighty, in which there is a verse that refer to the storage of water underground: "And We send the winds fertilizing (to fill heavily the clouds with water), then cause the water (rain) to descend from the sky, and We give it to you to drink, and it is not you who are the owners of its stores "(22: Al Hijr).

It was actually proved that the winds fertilize the clouds and the water of the rain is stored underground in a complicated process that no one can do except Allah, the Exalted.


Feb 18, 2012
Yes, my dear brother
Thank you
Excellent question
Holy Qur'an and Hadith
Contains many of the characters, relationships and concepts of religious, social, humanitarian, psychological, and financial work and the different positions
And stories
We see
Merchant - the thief - the oppressed - the oppressor - the Head of State - Employee ---------
All of this is a symbol
a living example is repeated in every time and place.

This is exactly what we see, in fact,

we must correct application of Quran and Hadith
Thus, we live in God's satisfaction and happiness


Apr 24, 2006
Naben ji,
A lot of this knowledge was already known/postulated at the time. Some of it we now know to be false, for example, bones are not clothed with flesh. They don't develop first rather they develop simultaneously with the muscles and flesh. The tissue in the earlier stages simply differentiates into bone, muscle and flesh. Anyways, the Greeks say similar things that are in the Quran but further back in time. We have Indians postulate atoms and such back in the bronze age. These days even some Sikhs will claim "Hey look Guru Nanak talked about atoms! and that nobody could possibly have known this during his time". They (at least the scholarly) did.
I do see value in discussions of such things but I see more value in discussion of spirituality (I should have specified in my first post), in the context of this forum. Since nobody has responded, I am guessing nobody is interested in knowing the belief system of ancient Arabs. But since 3 people thanked my post, you have at least 4 people ready to discuss spiritual teachings of Prophet Muhammad. I do realize I was not clear enough with this in my previous post, but I would like to hear about the Prophet's spiritual and moral teachings.


Cleverness is not wisdom
May 2, 2010
For what it's worth, may I just echo what Bhagat Ji has said...there are many many examples of scientific/mathematical knowledge that predate the birth of the Prophet by millenia! Look at the Vedas. Look at the precision of the Great Pyramid at Giza, still standing after 3000 years

So, just a gentle reminder that your are posting on the Sikh Philosophy Network...big clue in the title there...can we have some actual Philosophy please?

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
lots of people would rather shine the brightest halogen light in your face ( blinding you in the process) than carry that light high so you CAN SEE CLEARLY. GYAAN is a rare commodity in many Religious books/teachings..its mostly BLIND FAITH....and thats whats happening here...I concur with Bhagat and Seeker ji...lets have soem examples of GYAAN rather thna blinding bright lights...


Feb 18, 2012
No my dear brother
Was discovered exact match between the Holy Qur'an and modern science

In all fields of medicine - Astronomy - Earth - self 00000

And the testimony of scientists

God says in the Holy Qur'an
(53) We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness
You need to study carefully and learn about Islam and the scientific miracles
God has guided you to the right



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