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Merging With The "Pure Light" !

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Jap on Pannaa 6

muMdw sMqoKu srmu pqu JolI iDAwn kI krih ibBUiq ]
iKMQw kwlu kuAwrI kwieAw jugiq fMfw prqIiq ]
AweI pMQI sgl jmwqI min jIqY jgu jIqu ]
Awdysu iqsY Awdysu ]
Awid AnIlu Anwid Anwhiq jugu jugu eyko vysu ]28]

mu(n)dhaa sa(n)thokh saram path jholee dhhiaan kee karehi bibhooth ||
khi(n)thhaa kaal kuaaree kaaeiaa jugath dda(n)ddaa paratheeth ||
aaee pa(n)thhee sagal jamaathee man jeethai jag jeeth ||
aadhaes thisai aadhaes ||
aadh aneel anaadh anaahath jug jug eaeko vaes ||28||

Make contentment your ear-rings, humility your begging bowl, and meditation the ashes you apply to your body.
Let the remembrance of death be the patched coat you wear, let the purity of virginity be your way in the world, and let faith in the Lord be your walking stick.
See the brotherhood of all mankind as the highest order of Yogis; conquer your own mind, and conquer the world.
I bow to Him, I humbly bow.
The Primal One, the Pure Light, without beginning, without end. Throughout all the ages, He is One and the Same. ||28||


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