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Sikh News Memorandum To French President To Lift Turban Ban

Jun 1, 2004
Chandigarh, Sep 18 (UNI) The Sikhs today took out a procession in the city, opposing the ban on a turban in schools in France, and submitted a memorandum to the President of France through the Director of Alliance Francaise institute here, demanding to lift the ban immediately.

''We would like to bring to the knowledge of the honourable President of France that the wearing of turban is obligatory for a Sikh and there can be no exception to it as per the Sikh Code of Conduct, and, doing away with the turban means renouncing faith in Sikhism,'' said the memorandum which was given to the Alliance Francaise Director Bruno Plas here.

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Sep 2, 2004
Ever since the times of the British raj in India,Sikhs have been holding demonstrations and processions whenever they had to protest about some vital issue that bothered them.Unfortunately,this is what they are still doing regarding the French ban on turban.It makes no difference to the French whether you hold demonstrations and morchas in Amritsar or Chandigarh or wherever.A lot of resources are spent on these demos.But the urgent need is for Sikhs to get organized,vocal and negotiating with the concerned authorities.These issues have to be argued out and discussed in the modern,educated way.Sikhs must learn to modernize their tactics and use the best possible talents from the global Sikh community,viz. lawyers,philosophers,scholars,educationists,students,gyanis,etc.The world has come a long way in the last 50 to 100 years,and Sikhs will have to move with the times as far as strategy and tactics are concerned.Guru's blessings will ensure that we win every battle,but we must learn to maximize our resources,and minimize wastage and overlapping of effort.All Sikh organizations must inter-act and inter-communicate to attain a common goal.

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