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Meeting The True Guru

Discussion in 'Interfaith Dialogues' started by Archived_Member16, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Siree Raag on Pannaa 46

    isrIrwgu mhlw 5 ]
    imil siqgur sBu duKu gieAw hir suKu visAw min Awie ]
    AMqir joiq pRgwsIAw eyksu isau ilv lwie ]
    imil swDU muKu aUjlw pUrib iliKAw pwie ]
    gux goivMd inq gwvxy inrml swcY nwie ]1]
    myry mn gur sbdI suKu hoie ]
    gur pUry kI cwkrI ibrQw jwie n koie ]1] rhwau ]
    mn kIAw ieCW pUrIAw pwieAw nwmu inDwnu ]
    AMqrjwmI sdw sMig krxYhwru pCwnu ]
    gur prswdI muKu aUjlw jip nwmu dwnu iesnwnu ]
    kwmu k®oDu loBu ibnisAw qijAw sBu AiBmwnu ]2]
    pwieAw lwhw lwBu nwmu pUrn hoey kwm ]
    kir ikrpw pRiB myilAw dIAw Apxw nwmu ]
    Awvx jwxw rih gieAw Awip hoAw imhrvwnu ]
    scu mhlu Gru pwieAw gur kw sbdu pCwnu ]3]
    Bgq jnw kau rwKdw AwpxI ikrpw Dwir ]
    hliq pliq muK aUjly swcy ky gux swir ]
    AwT phr gux swrdy rqy rMig Apwr ]
    pwrbRhmu suK swgro nwnk sd bilhwr ]4]11]81]

    sireeraag mehalaa 5 ||
    mil sathigur sabh dhukh gaeiaa har sukh vasiaa man aae ||
    a(n)thar joth pragaaseeaa eaekas sio liv laae ||
    mil saadhhoo mukh oojalaa poorab likhiaa paae ||
    gun govi(n)dh nith gaavanae niramal saachai naae ||1||
    maerae man gur sabadhee sukh hoe ||
    gur poorae kee chaakaree birathhaa jaae n koe ||1|| rehaao ||
    man keeaa eishhaa(n) pooreeaa paaeiaa naam nidhhaan ||
    a(n)tharajaamee sadhaa sa(n)g karanaihaar pashhaan ||
    gur parasaadhee mukh oojalaa jap naam dhaan eisanaan ||
    kaam krodhh lobh binasiaa thajiaa sabh abhimaan ||2||
    paaeiaa laahaa laabh naam pooran hoeae kaam ||
    kar kirapaa prabh maeliaa dheeaa apanaa naam ||
    aavan jaanaa rehi gaeiaa aap hoaa miharavaan ||
    sach mehal ghar paaeiaa gur kaa sabadh pashhaan ||3||
    bhagath janaa ko raakhadhaa aapanee kirapaa dhhaar ||
    halath palath mukh oojalae saachae kae gun saar ||
    aat(h) pehar gun saaradhae rathae ra(n)g apaar ||
    paarabreham sukh saagaro naanak sadh balihaar ||4||11||81||

    Siree Raag, Fifth Mehl:
    Meeting the True Guru, all my sufferings have ended, and the Peace of the Lord has come to dwell within my mind.
    The Divine Light illuminates my inner being, and I am lovingly absorbed in the One.
    Meeting with the Holy Saint, my face is radiant; I have realized my pre-ordained destiny.
    I constantly sing the Glories of the Lord of the Universe. Through the True Name, I have become spotlessly pure. ||1||
    O my mind, you shall find peace through the Word of the Guru's Shabad.
    Working for the Perfect Guru, no one goes away empty-handed. ||1||Pause||
    The desires of the mind are fulfilled, when the Treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is obtained.
    The Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, is always with you; recognize Him as the Creator.
    By Guru's Grace, your face shall be radiant. Chanting the Naam, you shall receive the benefits of giving charity and taking cleansing baths.
    Sexual desire, anger and greed are eliminated, and all egotistical pride is abandoned. ||2||
    The Profit of the Naam is obtained, and all affairs are brought to fruition.
    In His Mercy, God unites us with Himself, and He blesses us with the Naam.
    My comings and goings in reincarnation have come to an end; He Himself has bestowed His Mercy.
    I have obtained my home in the True Mansion of His Presence, realizing the Word of the Guru's Shabad. ||3||
    His humble devotees are protected and saved; He Himself showers His Blessings upon us.
    In this world and in the world hereafter, radiant are the faces of those who cherish and enshrine the Glories of the True Lord.
    Twenty-four hours a day, they lovingly dwell upon His Glories; they are imbued with His Infinite Love.
    Nanak is forever a sacrifice to the Supreme Lord God, the Ocean of Peace. ||4||11||81||

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