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Media To Spread Sikhism

Feb 28, 2010
Sat Sri Akal,

I am living in Australia and really dishearten to know that people know so little (If any) about Sikhism and Sikh personalities. I think Sikhs are only to blame themselves when it comes to promoting such an amazing religion. The hard stance of Sikhs o not allowing the use of media to promote Sikhs and Sikh religion is a hindrance. I mean there are movies made on Christ, Prophet Mohamad etc, though I don't agree with doing the same with Sikh Gurus but surely we can spread the word about famous Sikh personalities like Banda Sing, bhai taru singh ji etc. Imagine how good it will do to Sikhism when people will watch these personalities and I mean on a Hollywood stage not bollywood.

Imagine Gerard Butler playing a famous Sikh, people will ask the question " Hm this was amazing, may be I should know a bit more about Sikhism". Christians lost Chrit , Muslims lost Mohamad and we lost 10 Gurus and still only minorities outside Indian know who are Sikhs and what are the core principals. I hate when people think about Sikhs as someone who wear a Turban and has bearded as there is so much to it then outside appearance.

What do you guys think?


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Re: Media to spread Sikhism

When Sikhs themselves don't know about Sikhi, how do you expect other to know? How many of us are well versed in history and sacrifices of our Gurus? How many live up to their ideals of honesty and hard work? How many of us are considered saintly?

To be honest, most of the problems in Sikhi are representation of the current state of Sikhs. Nothing more. The Badals and SGPC don't care about it and maintain the status quo. Which is actually leading to degeneration of values amongst us. It is up to Sikhs, to represent what Sikhi is about and then we can tell the world a thing or two.