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Nov 5, 2010

One lives under veil of "MAYA"
World is enticed with "MAYA"

In disillusion one leaves the "righteous path"

What HUMAN have without "GURU's LEARNING"

Human "EGO" is fuel of "MAYA"

10 "EMOTIONS" are "MAYA" and result "DUALITY" or "DUBIDHA" is result of "MAYA"

5 Physical Senses are "MAYA"

Even by getting aware through "GURU'S BANI" still influence of "MAYA" is there

After getting learning and practising "GURU'S BANI" one becomes "GURSIKH"
having learnt one practise "Art of Living" through "GURU's BANI"
one break this veil and can lead a Peaceful and Happy Life

Experience of "MAYA"

"MAYA" forms "EGO" mind formations

Resulting in "Duality" or "Dubidha"

All discussions/justification/explanation are due to mind formations.

Mind create bounds of Religion/TIme/Region/Emotions/etc which is formed as training during life course

As a result one perceive self as

Hindu/Chritian/Muslim/Sikh and physical rituals so on.

Black/White/Asian etc

"Nature" is the Cause one fails to understand and lives and wanders with influence of bondages.

One forgets Natural "father and mother" who caused human life.

"MAYA" form "Thoughts"

Our thoughts cause "EMOTIONS" and are cause of "HARMONES" or "FEELINGS" or "RAAS" or "CHEMISTRY"

One who enjoys "RAAS" stay attached to "EMOTIONS"

"Emotions" have no physical correlation, through five senses one feels physicall atached to "EMOTIONS"

One enjoy emotions and can not detach one self till

Only one who gets pain in the "RAAS" gets "UDAAS" and attach self to "Religious Learnings"

"EGO" with "Physical Senses" form "MAYA"

Every sense experience "MAYA"

Our "Visual Senses" form "MAYA"

Its " visual imagination " class divided in 2 parts, and were shown image of young lady and old lady

class was joined and again shown the image of middle aged woman

Half said she is young woman, half said it is old woman.

Our "Vocal Sense" form "MAYA"

Man says to wait for just "Half an Hour" after "Half an Hour" he said just "Half an Hour" and so on for eight hous

Later on employee cam to know tha Director has this way of saying "WAIT FOR JUST HALF AN HOUR"

With action one can feel "REALITY"

Our "Touch Sense" form "MAYA"

Touch sense is just like blind man's vision holding, one can not get real "SNAKE" or "ROPE" through "TOUCH"

Our"Taste Sense" forms "MAYA"

"Sugar" is sweet and is required on the occosion of happiness, Is mind set one eat sugars it creates spur in mood

but at "AGE" it causes diabetes

Our "Smell Sense" forms "MAYA"

It may smells good but "What it causes inside" who Knows"



There stages are different internal physical states which forms psychology (Physical Logics)

Awareness of these states reduces conflicts in family and can stay

happy like child

prosperous like young

and wise like old

Three States of "BUDH"

One has more energy for talk as child but gradually it reduces

But in old age one has low energy for talk

Old have more sensitive listening so old one want's silence

Young have less sensitive listening they sustain noise

But to understand

Either young shall have experience of old age which is not possible

So at least awareness of "THREE STAGES of LIFE"

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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