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Marriage And Discrimination Related Questions

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Thinkerman, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Thinkerman

    Thinkerman India
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    Mar 19, 2016
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    SSA ji.... I have a few doubts about the marriages in a gurudwara and they are as follows....
    1) is marriage with a non Sikh allowed in Sikhism?
    2) can such marriage be conducted in a Sikh temple?

    Also I will state some of my observation at a local Sikh temple which I feel are unjust...
    1) in this temple marriage of only a Sikh man with hair and turban is allowed..
    2) a marriage of a Sikh girl with non Sikh boy is not allowed
    3) but a Sikh boy can marry a non Sikh girl at the temple....
    I find these things as rules which divide people on the basis of religion and gender... I think gurudwaras are places were people are treated as equally... I would like to know what you guys think....
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  3. Rajwinder

    Rajwinder United States
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    Writer SPNer

    May 3, 2006
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    My view is this :

    Marriage is not going to stay or broken due to the fact that u get married in Gurdwara or Church .. first probably make sure u fully understand what it means to have a partner for life. "how" part of the marriage is just a ritual which u can do any where.

    I think in all cultures or religions marriage consist of "religious" ceremony and a "cultural" ceremony. Same ins Sikhs .. now i think till now i have seen some consistent pattern that sikhs follow for the religious ceremony which basically means going to Gurdwara > doing lavan > some kirtan and going back to home for cultural stuff.

    Now there are some rules that were made historically and followed which are "head" should be covered when in most of the premises of Gurudwara. This u need to follow no matter if u r getting married or not .

    My advice is this:

    1. Wear a turban or cover your head ( if u r girl )
    2. Go to a Gurdwara with your spouse and tell them that u want to get married and what ever religion or culture u r and u are willing to cover your head and do the process of going to Gurdwara > taking lavan.
    3. Once done and if u r still interested in knowing more about this religion then read about guru granth sahib using translation online or u can get from Gurdwara.
    4. If u r not interested then atleast the other side of the family is happy that u get married using Sikh way .
    5. After that if u dont read about guru granth sahib or dont want to come to Gurdwara often that's nothing new .. lot of so called Sikhs do that same.
    Only tricky part will be if ur spouse want to keep following Sikhism then will u be supporting it or not .. that's personal stuff and life partner related question that u need to decide.

    If one gurudwara is not allowing to do this .. i can assure there will be one some where else which will .. there are no rules that i have seen till now which says if u get married in Gurdwara following Sikhs ways then u need to do baptism or something ..

    hope this helps.
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