MARK OF EXCELLENCE - Becoming Gurmukh, 8th October In London - Don't Miss

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    Mark of Excellence: Guru: Connecting with the Divine Light
    Oct 08: London, UK

    The Sikh Research Institute offers a variety of
    theme-oriented sessions for emerging leaders in the
    community - high school and college students and young
    professionals. Each event seeks to facilitate learning
    while enhancing personal development and growth for
    each participant.

    Mark of Excellence is one such program, offering a
    series of lectures, presentations and workshops.
    Participants attend personal and community development
    sessions that seek to foster the Sikh values based on
    Gurmat traditions: Sikh scripture, history, and
    discipline. Other principles of universal significance
    are also incorporated that do not disturb the harmony
    of the Sikh faith.

    Please join us next month in London for a Mark of
    Excellence program for college/university students and
    young professionals.

    Date: Saturday – October 8, 2005
    Location: University College London (UCL)
    Theme: Guru: Connecting with the Divine Light
    Participants: University Students & Young
    Sponsor: Sikh Societies at Cambridge University,
    Oxford University, and University College London

    Registration: University Students: £5 / Young
    Professionals: £10

    This Mark of Excellence event will feature the
    following sessions:

    Session I: What is Guru? – Meaning, Role & Importance

    Session II: The Prophet-Genius of Ten Nanaks –
    Attributes, Lives & Contributions

    Session III: Guru Granth & Guru Panth – Origin,
    Development & Institution

    Session IV: Personal Relationship with the Guru –
    Effort, Faith & Grace

    Session V: Questions & Answers – Open forum to seek
    opinions from a Gurmat perspective

    For more information and to obtain a registration
    form, please contact:

    Baldeep Kaur

    07984-937173 |

    About the Sikh Research Institute

    The Sikh Research Institute is a 501©(3) nonprofit
    organization seeking to develop a principle-driven
    community by protecting the core and enlarging the
    resource pool. The Institute’s mission is to
    facilitate training and development while inspiring
    Sikh values, create global awareness of Sikhi, and
    deliver solutions to the key challenges faced by the
    Sikh community. All donations are tax deductible.

    Proceeds from the Mark of Excellence program will go to The Sikh Research Institute.

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