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World Marathon Runner, 99, Honoured At Awards Ceremony

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur

Before any one reads the article , can I point out, I meet Fauja Singh almost every other day at the SINGH SABHA GURDUARA,[ GOODMAYES, Ilford, UK] that Fauja Ji attends.

He also attends the Sikh Vichar Manch every Wednesday at the Gurduara , that I often present papers at in Punjabi along with other good names, like Sr Gurinder Singh Sacha, Boparai Ji and Josan sahib.

The photo being used on the Facebook account of a gentleman with saffron turban and white darra is NOT that of Fauja Singh.

That gentleman is another person, who used to train with Fauja Singh and Harmander Singh not far from where I live.

All his prizes and trophies are being collected to be displayed permanently at the Gurduara sahib Singh Sabha, Goodmayes, after heswordfight complained that there was often little recognition by the community.

Marathon runner, 99, honoured at awards ceremony

(UKPA) – 15 hours ago
A 99-year-old marathon runner from east London, a leading scientist and a polo player were among those honoured for their achievements at a Sikh awards ceremony.
Fauja Singh, from Ilford has set various records for his sporting achievements in his age category and once appeared in an adidas advert with David Beckham.
He was presented with a Lifetime Achievement award by prominent Sikh Bhai Sahib Ji at a ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.
Imperial College London physicist Professor Tejinder "Jim" Virdee picked up the Sikhs in Education prize for his work on the "Big Bang" super-collider experiment at Geneva-based European Organisation for Nuclear Research.
The Sikhs in Sports honour went to English national polo player Satnam Dhillon while Bhangra star Jazzy B took the Sikhs in Entertainment award.
Navdeep Singh, who founded the Sikh Awards - which were held for the first time this year - said: "Sikhs have been in the UK for over 160 years and have made some of the most significant contributions to British science and industry."


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