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Tejwant Singh

Jun 30, 2004
Henderson, NV.
As we all know that when Guru Nanak arrived,The world, especially
the part of South Asia was very chaotic. Mughals maimed, killed,
raped, abducted and forcefully converted the innocent people into
Islam in the name of Allah. The reason for that is that Hinduism,
Judaism, Christianity and Islam are based on Subjective truth rather
than Objective Reality that Guru Nanak talks about and on which He
based our sikhi path.

1. Subjective Truth

a. Hinduism, and the 3 Semitic religions Judaism, Christianity
and Islam)are fear based. All fear-based religions have hell and
heaven as punishment and reward depending if God is angry or happy..

b. Jews are the chosen people by God.

c. All those who are not Muslims are kafirs and should be
killed. Allah said so.

d. All those who are not Christians are Nonbelievers and will
go to hell unless they accept Jesus.

e. Wearing a janeiu is the only way to salvation.

f. No matter how bad one does all the year around, if one goes
on the pilgrimages and takes a dip in the Ganges, then all is
forgiven. So time to start it all over.

2. Objective Reality

a. Aad sach,jughadh sach, haibee sach, Nanak hosee bee sach.
Need to say anymore?

What Guru Nanak Dev ji tried to show us in The first Pauri of Japji
is that SACH-SAT is very fluid and is unfolding itself in front of
our eyes all the times. Anything new we discover on this Gurmat path
of ours is SACH-SAT. The most important thing it shows us that
Truth is NOT absolute the way it is sold in the religions mentioned


Hence, all those who follow Subjective Truth are Manmukhs and all
those who follow Objective Reality SACH-SAT are Gurmukhs.

Following is one of many many verses about Manmukh in SGGS.

pourree ||so har sadhaa saraeveeai jis karath n laagai vaar
||aaddaanae aakaas kar khin mehi dtaahi ousaaranehaar ||aapae jagath
oupaae kai kudharath karae veechaar ||manamukh agai laekhaa ma(n)
geeai bahuthee hovai maar ||guramukh path sio laekhaa nibarrai
bakhasae sifath bha(n)ddaar ||outhhai hathh n aparrai kook n suneeai
pukaar ||outhhai sathigur baelee hovai kadt leae a(n)thee vaar
||eaenaa ja(n)thaa no hor saevaa nehee sathigur sir karathaar ||6||page1280

Lets always remind ourselves via SIMRAN-JAP that, IK ONG KAAR (The
Creative Energy) is the only SOURCE of all which creates and
destroys and creates again the planets and stars ( and everything
else) within no time-Objective Reality.

THE SOURCE creates the world and beyond and looks after it. However,
when Manmukh, the follower of Subjective Truth( his/her own mat),
strays away from the Gurmat path, reaps what is sown by him/her
which carries one on the path of self-defeat and destruction.

Whereas the Gurmukh, the follower of the Objective Reality has an
easy going because he follows the Guru's teachings.

No matter how much the Manmukh cries for help by raising his arms,
he/she will only receives that if he/she follows the Gurmat path.

The Grace of SATGURU can only save the Manmukh,there is no other way
but ONE and that is following IK ONG KAAR – the only SOURCE of ALL.
6||Page 1280


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