Manmohan Singh Has Changed Millions Of Lives:

Jan 7, 2005
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Manmohan Singh has Changed Millions of Lives


NEW YORK: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's speeches may not be winning him followers but his works do and his actions have "changed tens of millions of lives for the better", Time magazine has said.

The American publication has said that Singh first as Finance Minister and then as Prime Minister since 2004 has made the world's largest democracy one of the fastest growing economies through radical economic reforms.

"... he won the vote and then a sweeping victory in India's general elections this year. It is not Singh's speeches that win him followers; it's the fact that first as Finance Minister and since 2004 as Prime Minister, he has led India through a series of radical economic reforms that have made the world's largest democracy also one of its fastest-growing economies -- and protected the poor too.

"It is Singh's actions that have changed tens of millions of lives for the better, not his words," Time said in an article published online.

Singh-led United Progressive Alliance was voted back to power in the general elections earlier this year.

Singh is also credited with the economic reforms which he kicked off as Finance Minister in the early 1990s.

source: Manmohan Singh has changed millions of lives: Time - India - NEWS - The Times of India


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Jun 17, 2004
Soul_Jyot ji

I know that people living outside of India truly irk folks who live within India on this subject -- but I myself agree with the basic ideas of this article.

Was Manmohan Singh the CFO of Citibank a long while back? Who then returned to India at the behest of the government there to become Finance Minister. He turned Citibank around too if it is the same person.



1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Thanks for the cv - I will need to read it later. The answer is NO -- he was not a former CFO of Citibank. Thank you Huck_Finn. So who is the one I am thinking of?
Feb 19, 2007
Delhi India
I think there are quite a few Dr. Manmohan Singhs who are finance wizards. There is another Dr. Manmohan Singh a distinguished alumnus of LSE, a doctorate from Cambidge and some one quite senior in IMF. But I do not think he was CFO of Citi Bank at any time.

Harbans Singh

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