World Man Marries 14 Times In 30 Months


Man marries 14 times in 30 months

An employee of Air India has been arrested in Mumbai after it emerged he had 14 wives.

Tushar Waghmare, alias Tushar Bapat, 40, used an internet marriage site to tie the knot repeatedly during the last two and a half years.

His online profile read: Divorced in 2006, looking out for working Brahmin women. Divorcees or widows no bar.

MSN India reports that Waghare used to spend at least three consecutive days with each of his wives. He would then move out, on the pretext of travelling abroad for work purposes.

Waghare was finally caught when two of his wives ran into another in the same flat.

According to the Sun, five of his other halves have filed official complaints of bigamy to Mumbai police, while the other nine have chosen to remain anonymous due to their embarrassment.

R M Vhatkar, deputy police commissioner in Mumbai, said: "None of the women or their parents ever thought of doing a background check on him as they were impressed by his job title."

Waghare apparently told police that the pressure of having to provide for each of his wives was leaving him penniless.

He has since been sacked by his employers.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
I also had seen such a case on Discovery Channel some time back..this man in the States had most SUCCESSFULLY married, had children and maintained FIVE families simultaneously..all within a few hundred miles of each other. He NEVER said the wrong thing, celebrated the wrong anniversary.or wrong birthday..or accidentally called the wrong his wives, his children...AMAZING !! And his method was also..travelling salesman..who has to be away for weeks ...on the road.. And he was also "caught" when by accident two of his wives met at a sale and exchanged photos of their hubby/children..were they surprised to see the SAME MAN in BOTH photos...and then it came out that he ahd another three families...and whats even more amazing is ALL FIVE Women and All the Children supported him fully as he was the Loving father/hubby equally to all...MULTI TASKING at his BEST !!:rofl!!::whisling::whisling:

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