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Islam Making Mohamed Safe


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
For the past decade Islam has been suffering from fear almost everywhere you look. Arab countries are afraid of being invaded by the U.S. in the wake of the invasion of Iraq. Sunni Muslims are nervous about the rise of Iran to a nuclear state dominated by Shiites. But on a far more personal level, everyone is afraid to say anything about Muhammad that would inflame the faithful. I've experienced this recently myself. On tour for a novel about Muhammad -- one that I wrote primarily to tell Westerners that the Prophet led an exciting, inspiring life -- the first word that comes up in every interview is "fatwa." The first question is, "Aren't you afraid to write this book?"

Every religion takes sole possession of its founder. That's what makes it strong. That and claiming that your version of God is the only correct one. But nobody who writes books about Jesus or Buddha does so in fear. The irony is that the stronger the faith, the more open it is to intolerance. Fundamentalist Christians believe that everyone else is an outsider to the true faith, including other Christians. But Islam has become locked down to an extraordinary degree. Those of us who want to write as sympathetically as possible about Muhammad, without giving in to official hagiography, are warned off. We are made to walk on eggshells. Saddest of all, those Muslims who are pleased to see a novel about Muhammad's life scan it nervously to make sure that nothing is out of place.

Isn't it time to make Muhammad a safe topic? The Danish cartoonist who lampooned the Prophet stepped into taboo territory because Islam forbids any physical depiction of him. But Islamic art over the centuries has come to terms with the strictures against painting portraits and taking photos of people's faces. Adaptation means survival, and those forces in Islam that don't want to adapt, far from preserving their faith for eternity, are endangering it.

The irony of the situation is double, actually. Muhammad recognized Jews and Christians as people of the Book, along with Muslims. They are not outsiders but fellow worshipers. Islam was meant to be an umbrella that includes them and tolerates their faith. So the fundamentalist streak in Islam isn't true to the spirit of the Prophet. The very notion that the Quran should never be translated from the Arabic and never commented upon was born (so far as I can ascertain) among his followers after the Prophet's death. As a result, the other people of the Book have passed through reform movements and adaptations that have been denied to the Muslim faithful.

Surrounding the Prophet with veneration is one thing. We can all understand and respect that. But surrounding him with threats, a kind of theological barbed wire, is another thing. It isn't acceptable to the outside world, and moderate Arabs would be well served to speak out against it. I don't mean to dictate to anyone how they should follow their religion. But we've come to an impasse if no one is allowed to speak the truth about Muhammad or comment upon his life. As long as freedom of thought is considered the enemy, the Islamic world will be embroiled in fear forever.


Chaan Pardesi

Oct 4, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
Islam is the most effective tool of imperialism,and has been used as such by the arabs wittingly and inadvertently accepted by those who become its adherents. Other nations usually aquire political and cultural glory through economic power or sword and fire,Islam achieves this aim through the medium of faith inn hazrat Mohamad , the only source of paradise, replete with beautiful virgins, pretty boys and rivers of wine, milk and honey.This lure of paradise has turned all non arab muslims into moths eager to cremate themselves on the flames of the arabian cultural haegamoney, according to Anwar Sheikh a devout muslim scholar!

Owing to its deep rooted tendencies to benefit the Arabs at the expanse of its followers belonging to the foreign lands, it is reasonable to conclude that islam is nothing but the tool of the arab imperialism.

Hazrat Mohamad worked hard to establish the supremacy of the Arab nationalism, including Mecca, Koraish race, the arabic language, arabic culture- that can now be seen depleting other cultures where people have embraced islam.

Reagrading Mecca, Mohamad says"O mecca !by allah you are better than any other part of the earth and dearer to me than the rest of the world.He who agresses against Arabaia , shall not win any love, nor will I intercede for him."[JM Volume 2]

Similarly Mohamad glorifies the Koraishi race as "Of the two tribes that God chose as the best were the decendents of ishmael aaaaand Isaac.God preffered the children of ishmael[arabs] to the children of Isaac[jews].then God created Mohamd in the chosen tribe of Koraish[the decendents of ishamel] and then he vchose the nbest family among the Koraish and created mohamad as the best of men"

"May allah destroy those who wish intend to humiliate the Quresh".

"The right to rule shall belong to the Quresh even if the two men existed "[bokhari, V 4 ]

In reallity, Mohamad created a model to establsih a divine arab nation as said "You arabs are the best nation ever brought..bidding honour, and forbidding dishonour"[The house of Imran III, 105]

Not only this, the Koran[ written nearly 80-90 years after Mohamad] originally expressed in the arab language is meant for Arabs and not for non arabs!

"By the clear Book, behold, we have made it an arabic koran:haply you will understand"[ornaments XL III,1-4]

The above references form the Koran and hadiths clearly reveal that islam is meant for arabs, being related to mecca, madina, Quresh and arabic languages etc.The non arab muslims have lost to consider intelligently seriously the imperiallist attitude of the arab nationalism created by hazrat Mohamad.

Adoption of islamic and arabic names, arabic culture and dressing mode and praying towards mecca should be soul searching for the non arab muslims who have abandoned their own cuture and language under the influence of the imperialist character of the arabic islam!

The problem today is not islamic phobia, but the inability of the imperiallist brain washed extremist individuals to live with non muslim neighbours.Neither the Koran , nor Mohamad advocated humanism or co existence between islam and non muslims.Islam appears to have been conceived and devised as the religion to end all other religions..This also explains why no country in which muslims are in a majority can have a secular constitution and why no practising ,muslim can be humanist[MRA Baig]

The brother hood of islam is not the universal brotherhood of man.It is the brotherhood of muslims for muslims only.There is a fraternity but it's benfit is confined to those within that corporation.For those who are outside that coporation, there is nothing but contempt and enemity.[Dr Ambedkar]

To the muslim today, thanks to islam, nationalism is incompatible as both schools have totally opposing views and ideologies.The Koran has explictly rejected the basis of nationalism, and clearly states that language , colour and race are no criteria for unity and privilege.The only criteria are belief and virtue.

Religion is the true boundary of nationality.A co religionist becomes a compatriot, and an unbeliever becomes an alien.

The idea of a "nationalist" muslims is absurd as that of a religious communists or capital marxist".

According to Ali M Naqvi, when the ideology of islam expands, nationalism is destroyed, and when nationalsim grows, islam is destroyed and annihilated.This a point worth remembering in countering extremist fanatics.

It must be understood and learnt that a man of religion who cannot defend himself with intelligent debate is always likely to loose and utilise violent means to fight his lost cause.

The violence we see today from such fanatics is simply a lost cause, that needs no support nor understanding to accomodate it.Making Mohamad safe is not the real issue, but making communities safe from such evil and destroying ideologies is the urgent need of the day , I would say.

I have used writings of muslims themselves to highlight the issue of the unfriendliness of this plan by the Arabs; so I would welcome any intelligent responses and views.


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
The violence we see today from such fanatics is simply a lost cause, that needs no support nor understanding to accomodate it.Making Mohamad safe is not the real issue, but making communities safe from such evil and destroying ideologies is the urgent need of the day , I would say.

Yes. How can anything be safe for discussion, Mohamed or anything or anyone else, when communities and individuals live under constant threat of physical destruction and personal violence.


Aug 11, 2010
In my views islam is more or less political ideology to get submission of other people infront of arabics, a political ideology bundled in the wrap of spirituality, allah is mentioned in every line to give it a religious color, most muslims follow everything blindly because they are afraid of hell/afterlife etc. I don't blame them fully for it, if you are born a muslim from day one you intellect is trained into submission of the book, you can not think any different, those who do think are stuck because of ftwa, first allah's fear is instilled into people's minds then greed for heaven and fear of hell, if that is not enough than fatwa is executed to take care of the rebel on hand, I think this book is a good trap



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