Loosing Battle Of Punjabi Speaking - Need Help


Show them this :
YouTube - Chinese man speaks amazing Punjabi!

personal thoughts:
My dad bought some Punjabi stand up comedy tape (it was not vulguar) and put it on in the car .. he said he wanted to listen and requested that I tolerate it like he tolerates my music.
After about 5-10 mins .. I would interrupt him every 10 seconds to ask what the guy was saying , what the punchline was , what did a word mean , etc. etc. I learned a lot.

I guess the trick might be to find Punjabi language related things that YOU enjoy ... enjoy them in front of your kids and make them curious rather than directly trying to force/make them participate.

Just my opinion ji, I do not have kids ... but it worked for me.
I am by no means fluent , but I am thankful for whatever little I have learned.