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Looking For Sikhs In My Area, To Help Me On My Journey


Aug 22, 2009
Hello. I am a 33 year old female in Canada. I was born into and raised as Catholic but I always knew my beliefs did not fall within that religion.

After much research and talking to others, I realized that my beliefs completely align with Sikhism. Maybe I have always been Sikh and only just realized it? It's like it has been calling me for a long time now.... Once when I was in a foreign port in the United States (I am in the Navy) I bought a cd that I heard playing at a local store... it was Singh Kaur and the song was 'Ardas' which at the time I did not realize was prayer. But something about it called to me and I bought the cd. Without knowing what the words meant (this was quite a few years ago now), I used that cd for meditation anyway, and felt something inside me when I listened to it. Now that I know what it means, it has even more power listening to it. I have read much of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and I want to learn so much more and live the Sikh life, but I do not even know where to begin.

I do not know who locally I can talk to, or how I will be perceived by the local Sikh community, as they are all East Indian descent, and I am a white westerner. I am in Halifax area, NS Canada.

I appreciate and thank anyone who can help or guidance anyone can provide.
May 23, 2009
Dear Seeking Ji,
Gur Fareh

Just read your post.I live in Halifax and would be pleased to offer you any assistance you need in your pursuit to learn about the sikh faith.My telephone is listed in HRM directory.Our gurdwara opens on Sundays and the service is between11 a.m. to 2p. m.If you need a drive to and from the Gurdwara, please let me know.
Sikh Gurdwara is open all human beings,regardless of color or ethnicity.We are all children of Ik Ong Kaar.A white sikh gentleman was the President of the Gurdwara last year.Maritime Sikh Society phone number is:477-0008
Satnam Singh Randhawa


Aug 10, 2009
Dear Seeking Ji
Similar to you I was attracted to Sikhism, almost unexpectedly. The more I learn the more rich it appears to be. I should add that participating in this forum and reading the replies has helped me to understand a lot whilst studying Sikhism alone. Thanks to those who are making this effort.

Being of non-Asian decent like you and living in a Catholic country, I find myself as a minority. I went for the first time to the Gurdwara here and enjoyed the experience and hospitality. Having so many questions, it was much easier to be able to sit face to face with someone who has asked similar questions themselves and received answers.

I cannot offer you support in your local community, but I can tell you that you may find you are welcomed warmly. An area which has recently become a challenge for me, having now overcome my experience of visiting the Gurdwara for the first time, is that of learning Punjabi, there is a startlingly lack of resources on grammar. All I could do in the Gurdwara was concentrate on the Punjabi words, none the less they left me feeling positive. There appears also to be no live chat sites dedicated to Sikhism, so bouncing ideas and questions on Sikhism in real-time online is not so easy. These are small things and the beauty of Sikhism only helps to encourage.

Assuming you don’t speak Punjabi, I shall add that there are some English language versions of Japji Sahib, including an English mp3, on Mrsikhnet.com which I have found as a nice way of starting.

Kind regards, Ambers.

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