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Heritage Loi surname

Jun 28, 2024
The surname Loi is predominantly associated with the Sikh Punjabi Jatt community, specifically within the Jatt caste. Originating from North East Punjab in Pandori Ganga Singh village , the Lois constitute a relatively small Jatt clan known for their prowess in agriculture. Their heritage is deeply intertwined with the land, and they have earned a reputation for being robust and skilled farmers, adept at cultivating the fertile fields of Punjab. Within their community, the Loi surname carries a sense of pride and tradition, reflecting their longstanding connection to the agrarian lifestyle and the enduring resilience of the Jatt caste. Other castes have tried to claim this surname however it only belongs to the Jatt caste. This clan are known as Nagi Jats who are the purest Jats. See more on Wikepidia or Sikhi Wiki org.Loi jatt name
Loi (surname) - Wikipedia
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