USA Local Sikhs Heading To Washington DC After Naval Yard Shooting (& Video)


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Local Sikhs Heading to D.C. After Navy Yard Shooting

Mark Schaff

Video at this link

At least one temple member will join push for tougher gun laws in wake of another mass shooting.

Members of the Oak Creek Sikh community are going to Washington D.C. in the wake of the Navy Yard mass shooting, according to Patch's media partners at WISN 12 News.

The trip was planned before Monday's shooting, which left 13 people dead, but now takes on a new meaning, according to the report.

At least one of the temple members, Amardeep Kaleka, will join a push for tougher gun laws.

The shooting in Washington came a little more than a month after the Sikh temple marked the 1-year anniversary of the Oak Creek shooting, which killed six people.

Kaleka, whose father died in the attack, is one of several temple members who have become active in the nationwide debate over gun laws following shootings in Oak Creek, Newtown, Ct. and elsewhere.