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Living Life In The Divine Flow

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by Archived_Member16, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Archived_Member16

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    Living Life in the Divine Flow

    How to recognize and cooperate with it

    How would you like every moment of every day to feel like one miracle happening after another? How would you like to accomplish your goals without struggle or strain? How would you like to live your life with less stress and a more success?

    It's possible. It's called living life in the divine flow.

    Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, there is a divine flow in your life that is continually guiding you toward the effortless fulfillment of your heart's desires. The trick is learning how to recognize and cooperate with that flow, instead of blocking or restricting your experience of it.

    Fortunately, that's not a very difficult thing to learn how to do. In fact, there are two fundamental steps that you can take right now to start living your life in the divine flow.

    Step one is to let go of what you “think” you know. In other words, stop forcing things to go the way you think they should. If you get completely honest with yourself about what you think you know, you will discover that much of it is half-truths, incomplete data, inaccurate conclusions, rumors, assumptions, and outright falsehoods.

    You don't have to completely ignore what you consider to be facts. You just need to take everything you think you know with a giant grain of salt, and understand that what you consider to be information may be, in reality, misinformation. It is important to suspend your judgments and be more open minded, because the divine flow often helps you fulfill your heart's desires in a way that is far different-and far better-than anything you could ever imagine.

    Which brings us to the second step for living life in the divine flow: Pay attention! The divine flow is continually guiding you toward the effortless fulfillment of your heart's desires . . . continually! But to take advantage of this guidance, you have to be open and receptive to the subtle ways that the flow is attempting to guide you.

    Here are three ways that you receive guidance from the divine flow:

    First, you are continually receiving direction from your own intuition. Your intuition is the most valuable and reliable source of guidance you have. It is the spirit of the divine within you. It always knows the next right step to take. And it is continually trying to tell you what that step is. So take the time to slow down, get quiet, and listen to that still, small voice. Honor it. Respect it. Follow it.

    A second form of guidance comes to you through the wisdom of others. The divine flow often speaks to you through the people who cross your path. It is through their wisdom-their intuitive guidance-that you are often led to your next right step. That doesn't mean that you have to accept and act on everything that everybody says to you. But you should at least be open and receptive to others, and willing to listen to what they have to say.

    A third way that divine flow communicates with you is through signs, coincidences, and synchronicities. These occurrences are not mere chance or happenstance. They are meaningful. They are divinely designed to open doors for you and create opportunities for you in direct response to your desire. But you have to pay attention to those signs and synchronicities. And you have to act on them. You have to go through those doors and take advantage of those opportunities.

    So there you have it. Let go of what you “think” you know. And pay attention to the flow. Stop trying to force things to go the way you think they should go, and be willing to move in a direction that is different from what you planned on or expected.

    Do those two things, and you will begin to live a life that is dramatically more fulfilling, immensely more joyful, and, on top of it all, remarkably effortless!

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  3. simpy

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    (simpy previously Surinder Kaur Cheema)

    Mar 28, 2006
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    This one is a very good article for a Seeker/Jagiasu. Bani tells us to do all this over and over again, a few lines from Dhan Dhan Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:

    hukim rjweI clxw, nwnk iliKAw nwil ]

    mn myry, siqgur kY BwxY clu ]

    qUM krqw sicAwru mYfw sWeI ] jo qau BwvY soeI QIsI, jo qU dyih soeI hau pweI ]

    qUM Awpy krqw qyrw kIAw sBu hoie ] quDu ibnu dUjw Avru n koie ] qU kir kir vyKih jwxih soie ]

    Awpy kwrxu krqw kry isRsit dyKY Awip aupwie ] sB eyko ieku vrqdw AlKu n liKAw jwie ] Awpy pRBU dieAwlu hY Awpy dyie buJwie ]

    quJ qy bwihr kCU n hoie ] qUM kir kir vyKih jwxih soie ]

    Awpy krqw kwrxu krwey ] ijqu BwvY iqqu kwrY lwey ]

    Guru Mere Sang Sadaa Hai Naalay
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