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Live-in Partners Not Liable To Pay Alimony: SC


Apr 4, 2005

New Delhi, Oct 21: Like married couples, live-in partners are not liable to pay maintenance if they stay together only for sexual reasons, the Supreme Court proclaimed the judgment on Thursday, Oct 21.

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"If a man has a keep whom he maintains financially, and uses mainly for sexual purpose and as a servant, it would not be a relationship in the nature of marriage," stated the court.

The announcement came in a case, where a woman demanded alimony from a married man as they both were in live-in relationship for 14 years.

However, the Tamil Nadu High court had ordered that the woman would be given maintenance against which the man had approached the Apex court.

Finally, the Supreme Court on Oct 21 set aside the High Court's verdict and stated that the man is not liable to pay for maintenance of his live-in partner.

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