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Islam Listen To The Voice Of Liberal Islam: French Author

Jun 1, 2004
[India News]: New Delhi, Dec 1 : Islam and modernity? Sounds almost antithetical, say some. Can democracy and Islam blend and mingle? Near impossible, sceptics are likely to chorus.

It is in precisely this dramatic incredulity that the roots of prejudice lie, hints French author Guy Sorman, here to launch his "The Children of Rifaa", the first volume of "The French Collection" -- a selection of French essays in English brought out by Penguin India in collaboration with the French embassy.



Apr 28, 2005
good day for evry one . first of all it is not right to make a list among the prophets or son of God or any other human being dead or alive to be the best. it is not for us to decide. just follow their teaching which is true living and life witout any rituals.love for humanity and healthy living. principal of living avoiding any over stated expalinations by preist or mulla to suit their own ego.as a human being we have to progress further keeeping in mind for our help in day to day life living. like koran is good example so as others. guidences such as all relegious scriptures
let us have a self-respect for every one and progress to be united regardless of each one's faith. to single out one prophet better than other one show total ignorence and derailing the real messages by each great man came on this earth.
one must not mix relegion belief with the poltics where individual desires are involved to their wishes. look at the countries strongly involve the relegion in poltics where mula decide how you can run your life in some coutries you are punished if not. what is this still we are dominated and well oragainized by mula or priest who distort the actual teachings to do what please them inorder to have their place in the society alive and well respected.

man must be free living under certain laws and guidance from our teachers or prophets. i give one example after defeating the opponent by prohet mohmmad the instruction were issued to his army to protect all who do not belive in Him.

we always get our seleves repeated by events happened centuries ego. how you could do that when we have progressed so far and understand each others yet we are acting like primitive ways. even worst . we are creating the arms and {censored}nal to kill our own being . we spend more money on research creating most sophistiacted arem which creat a maximum impact on human killings. where as all this money can be spent eradicatin gpoverty where million of peoples are dying every day without food and diseases.who is stopping you .who is diverting you attention to all this mass killing wars .who is oraganizing . high level priest have a billions dollars in their banks and want to be respected just to convey a message of their prophets or son of Gold and others but prctically denying to ever mentioning the poor people dying.
let us bring these so called high priest living in gala buildings where they are catering teaching of prophets an son of God and others to the well living healthy human being .we must bring ourr seleves up than old ritual and enmity of certain things happend in the past. let our priests or poltician not use those refernces to creat a haterd or mobilze according to their wishes among us. we are intellegent until we prove.every intellegent person must look at the faces of all those when they are talking about God .no one is in capicty to talk abpout God and escribe Him.
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