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Let HIS Name Sanctify You !

Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
This Shabad is by Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Aasaa on Pannaa 355

Awsw mhlw 1 ]
kwieAw bRhmw mnu hY DoqI ]
igAwnu jnyaU iDAwnu kuspwqI ]
hir nwmw jsu jwcau nwau ]
gur prswdI bRhim smwau ]1]
pWfy AYsw bRhm bIcwru ]
nwmy suic nwmo pVau nwmy cju Awcwru ]1] rhwau ]
bwhir jnyaU ijcru joiq hY nwil ]
DoqI itkw nwmu smwil ]
AYQY EQY inbhI nwil ]
ivxu nwvY hoir krm n Bwil ]2]
pUjw pRym mwieAw prjwil ]
eyko vyKhu Avru n Bwil ]
cIn@Y qqu ggn ds duAwr ]
hir muiK pwT pVY bIcwr ]3]
Bojnu Bwau Brmu Bau BwgY ]
pwhrUArw Cib coru n lwgY ]
iqlku illwit jwxY pRBu eyku ]
bUJY bRhmu AMqir ibbyku ]4]
AwcwrI nhI jIiqAw jwie ]
pwT pVY nhI kImiq pwie ]
Ast dsI chu Bydu n pwieAw ]
nwnk siqguir bRhmu idKwieAw ]5]20]

aasaa mehalaa 1 ||
kaaeiaa brehamaa man hai dhhothee ||
giaan janaeoo dhhiaan kusapaathee ||
har naamaa jas jaacho naao ||
gur parasaadhee breham samaao ||1||
paa(n)ddae aisaa breham beechaar ||
naamae such naamo parro naamae chaj aachaar ||1|| rehaao ||
baahar janaeoo jichar joth hai naal ||
dhhothee ttikaa naam samaal ||
aithhai outhhai nibehee naal ||
vin naavai hor karam n bhaal ||2||
poojaa praem maaeiaa parajaal ||
eaeko vaekhahu avar n bhaal ||
cheenhai thath gagan dhas dhuaar ||
har mukh paat(h) parrai beechaar ||3||
bhojan bhaao bharam bho bhaagai ||
paaharooaraa shhab chor n laagai ||
thilak lilaatt jaanai prabh eaek ||
boojhai breham a(n)thar bibaek ||4||
aachaaree nehee jeethiaa jaae ||
paat(h) parrai nehee keemath paae ||
asatt dhasee chahu bhaedh n paaeiaa ||
naanak sathigur breham dhikhaaeiaa ||5||20||

Aasaa, First Mehla:
Let the body be the Brahmin, and let the mind be the loin-cloth;
let spiritual wisdom be the sacred thread, and meditation the ceremonial ring.
I seek the Name of the Lord and His Praise as my cleansing bath.
By Guru's Grace, I am absorbed into God. ||1||
O Pandit, O religious scholar, contemplate God in such a way
that His Name may sanctify you, that His Name may be your study, and His Name your wisdom and way of life. ||1||Pause||
The outer sacred thread is worthwhile only as long as the Divine Light is within.
So make the remembrance of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, your loin-cloth and the ceremonial mark on your forehead.
Here and hereafter, the Name alone shall stand by you.
Do not seek any other actions, except the Name. ||2||
Worship the Lord in loving adoration, and burn your desire for Maya.
Behold only the One Lord, and do not seek out any other.
Become aware of reality, in the Sky of the Tenth Gate;
read aloud the Lord's Word, and contemplate it. ||3||
With the diet of His Love, doubt and fear depart.
With the Lord as your night watchman, no thief will dare to break in.
Let the knowledge of the One God be the ceremonial mark on your forehead.
Let the realization that God is within you be your discrimination. ||4||
Through ritual actions, God cannot be won over;
by reciting sacred scriptures, His value cannot be estimated.
The eighteen Puraanas and the four Vedas do not know His mystery.
O Nanak, the True Guru has shown me the Lord God. ||5||20||

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