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Thanksgiving - remember the Native Americans today

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Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful, but it is also a time to remember the suffering of the Native Americans caused by the invasion of the "white man", which inevitably left the vast majority of Native Americans homeless and their hearts grieving over the land they believe to be sacred.

Whether in the USA or elsewhere, please offer a moment of silence for the suffering of the Native American people.

Blessed be...
Nam Jiwan


ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār
Namji{censored}aur ji indeed they are a wonderful people with exceptional heritage. I don't know about USA but here is Canada there is Museum of Civilization at the Banks of the Ottawa River on the other side of Parliament Hill in Ottawa Canada. If you ever have a chance, visit it as they have a very very large section dedicated to Native Americans. Otherwise wonderful too if you are into Museum type stuff peacesign.



1947-2014 (Archived)
Today, the legacy of the reservation system continues to be unemployment, poverty, alcoholism, suicide and loss of identity. Some native peoples do relatively better than they did even 30 years ago. But emphasis on the word relative. Those who settled with the US government earlier have lost their languages and cultural heritage more than those who put up a long-lasting fight. The story of the subjugation of Native Americans in the US (only about that do I have any in-depth understanding) is a saga of brutal oppression, economic, cultural and political. The Navajo people for example are still fighting in courts to regain millions of dollars coming from mineral rights that the Department of Interior cannot account for. Apache do better than most because of mining and casino ventures;. Yet, the Chircahua Apache do not have a homeland of their own, and therefore do not have a legal tribal identity that stands in a court of law,. Rather, they are dispersed mainly over the reservation lands of two culturally different bands of Apache in two different states. This because of the stiff resistance of Geronimo and perhaps only 24 followers. One has only to use Google to look into the economic status of native peoples on different reservations to find how abjectly poor most are, in contrast even to what is considered median levels of wealth among US Citizens in general. Their story should not be read by anyone with a weak heart and a strong sense of justice, because there was only treachery and never any justice.