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Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Nawab Kapur Singh

Nov 7, 2020
Nawab Kapur Singh emerged at a critical time for the Sikhs; when the entire Panth confronted brutal extinction at the hands of the Mughal-Poorbia-Rajput coalitions. After the demise of Banda Singh and the extinguishing of his ephemeral Khalsa state, the Sikhs retreated into the jungles of Northern India having tasted the tyrant's blood once.

It was here within these jungles that Kapur Singh emerged as a formidable leader who laid the foundations for a strong Khalsa Republic. That is another tragedy, that the Sikhs proved ungrateful to his memory and today his legend lies forgotten. Had he been born in the west, we feel, his portrait would have graced the halls of power. Alas! His fate in death was decided by a people with a habit of forgetting their heroes.

Who really was Nawab Kapur Singh and why is he relevant even today? Listen to find out.


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