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Sikh Coalition Lawmakers And Media Celebrate Sikhs In The US Army


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Headline: Lawmakers and Media Celebrate Sikhs in the US Army
Sub-Headline: Is Ending Discrimination Worth Your Support?


On Friday, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney - Home, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn New York City Council - Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, and members of the New York City Council honored Captain Kalsi for his accommodation into the U.S. Army and Captain Rattan for his graduation from "Boot Camp."

Click here to view photos from the ceremony.

Successfully battling the world's largest institutions requires tremendous resources. Do your part to end discrimination against Sikhs today!

"[Captains Kalsi and Rattan] exemplify how it's possible to serve our country without compromising religious custom. We join the Sikh community in celebrating this significant achievement." - Council Speaker Quinn

Panthic victories like this are only possible with the financial backing of supporters like you. Please take 1 minute and give to an institution with a proven track record. Give today ?

"Captain Tejdeep Singh Rattan has made not only Sikhs proud but all Americans. I call upon our leaders in Washington to change the policy permanently and allow all qualified Americans to fight to protect our bedrock principles of equality and freedom of religion." - Council Member Dromm

While the Coalition is proud of the accomplishments of Captains Kalsi and Rattan, our work is still not over. Like the U.S. Army, many employers still require us to check our faith at the door. When times are difficult, we will not back down. When our faith is challenged, we will rise up. How will you support the effort to permanently end discrimination against Sikhs?

Donate today to an institution that will never shy away from the fight to secure our right to be Sikh:


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