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India Law And Order Falling Apart In Punjab As Governance Takes Backseat

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Law and order falling apart in Punjab as governance takes backseat

Thursday, March, 07 2013 - 10:46

By Our Political Editor - Punjab Newsline Network

CHANDIGARH: Things are falling fast apart in Punjab. The government seems to be losing hold over the administration. There is hardly any break from the events that should not make any government feel proud. The Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal, who heads the home portfolio, appears to be not aware of the gravity of the situation or seems to lack the competence to control the things.

The recent incidents of violence, in fact there is nothing recent as such incidents are taking place continuously with alarming regularity, should make the government feel concerned. The public thrashing of a woman by the police and the killing of an Assistant Sub Inspector of Police have juxtaposed Punjab along with Uttar Pradesh where a Deputy Superintendent of Police was lynched by the mob almost around the same time. The television channels showing Punjab and UP together in this context does no proud to Punjab. Rather it is a matter of shame and concern that Punjab gets equated with a worst part UP ruled by a gang-lord.

Despite Punjab having a Director General of Police with high professional integrity, the things are not going well on the law and order front. The bad law and order is making too much of a news. This is not the routine incidents of crime like murder, loot, robbery or rape, even those are not excusable. The incidents that are taking place are of alarming ramifications and repercussions for the state.

A lawyer getting killed at the hands of a vagabond son of an Akali SGPC member, an ASI getting killed at the hands of an Akali leader, another senior police officer getting beaten up publicly at the hands of a youth Akali leader in Ludhiana, a girl getting abducted again by a youth Akali leader in broad day light, just to quote a few cases. Otherwise the list is long and may be fresh in public memory to require repetition.

To any outsider or anyone sitting outside Punjab it is not painting and presenting a nice picture. Anybody watching from outside Punjab, the lynching of an ASI in Tarn Taran in Punjab and a DSP in Kunda in UP together makes him feel that Punjab is so similar to UP when it comes to crime, which actually it is not right now but is threatening to become.

Engineering defections and winning elections alone must not be sole agenda of the Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal. Because, all the energies of the government have been spent earlier on Delhi Gurdwara Managing Committee elections and then on Moga byelection, leaving hardly any time for the state. Naturally the governance was given a go by.

This is high time that the Deputy Chief Minister takes control of things lest these spiral out of his control and it really does not take that long for the situation to go out of hands. Overconfidence is never a nice attribute particularly for a politician and a Deputy Chief Minister and a wannabe Chief Minister. Better act before it is too late.

Source: Punjab Newsline Network -



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