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Langar Gives Free Food For A Cause


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Last Friday, the Sikh Student Association gave out free Indian food in the Brickyard as part of their "Langar in the Brickyard" event. The organization raised money for an Indian orphan charity.

According to the president of SSA, this was the first of many events they plan to hold to unite the student body against the Indian orphan crisis.

Langar is a Punjabi word used by Sikhs to refer to free food. According to Jyoti Gill, a sophomore in biological sciences and one of the SSA board members, Sikhs give out free food at Gurdwara, the Sikh temple, to Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike in an attempt to promote equality. The food is usually a vegetarian dish so everyone can eat together equally, regardless of dietary restrictions. The association served "cholay," on Friday, which are chickpeas in a curry sauce.

Gill also said SSA raised a considerable amount of donations during the Langar for Nishkam Seva, an Indian charity dedicated to helping orphans, battered women and other under-priveleged people.

"I'm so glad that the event was a success. It really goes to show that people at State really do care about the international community and want to help a good cause. That's why we see the Langar in the Brickyard project as more than just a charity -- it's our first attempt at uniting a significant portion of the N.C. State population in order to combat an international humanitarian crisis," Gill said.

Doa'a Dorgham, a junior in psychology, tried the food and donated to the cause.

"Wow, the food is really good. Personally, I like spicy food so having free Indian food in the Brickyard was a dream-come-true. I also thought it was a creative way to further a cause, and that's why I donated," Dorgham said. "I plan on attending other SSA events that benefit Nishkam Seva, as well."

SSA President Tiffany Saini elaborated on the role of Nishkam Seva in India and SSA's attempt at uniting the N.C. State community.

"Most people have seen Slumdog Millionaire and that's exactly what goes on in India. The orphans and underprivileged are taken hostage by a gang and are made to beg for money -- money that they have to give back to their bosses," Saini said. "To some extent, it's basically a Mafia and it's our responsibility as privileged members of the international community to come together and end this sort of injustice that our country and moral principles speak against."

Saini said no one knows about these facts until SSA inform others, which is why they hold events in the Brickyard.

"The Langar was a good idea, I think, because it is a part of our culture and religion. And on top of that, it attracts a lot of people to the stall, which made our job a lot easier," Saini said.

SSA also helps a fraternity on campus to host a Bhangra competition, known as Versa Punjab Da, every winter. Proceeds from that event benefit organizations like Nishkam Seva.


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Actually Sikhi/Gurmat it is compulsory to give out FREE FOOD for the BODY and SOUL.
Guru Nanak ji at KARTARPUR had and the successor Gurus at KHADOOR, GOINDWAAL, AMRITSAR...etc etc had MORNING and EVENING DIWANS for Gurbani kirtan katha vichaar sermons and simultaneous FOOD for the HUNGRY BODIES. A GURMUKH is suppsoed to LIVE GURBANI ...EXEMPLARY LIVING...and share the honest earnings with everyone within HEARING. A GURMUKH is supposed to give a SHOUT..."Guru Ka Langgar" is READY JIOS..all are welcome...and then seat himself to eat.

Sadly Most Gurdawras and Sikhs too...today concentrate TOO MUCH on the BODY FOOD...and it has become RITUALISED....as it is easy to do....Distribute SHABAD LANGGAR for the SOUL is DIFFICULT by compariosn...so we have sikhs and gurdwaras competing with each other to out do each other..MENU DRIVEN Guru Ka Langgars...Catered Guru Ka Lnaggars..Take away..packed..all sorts of Guru Ka Langgars...when Guru Ji ' time it was just PLAIN ROTI and DAAL/SABZEE.

Ideally when we distribute food for the body..we should also distribute parchaar materials on Sikhi/Gurmatt as food for the SOUL...:redturban::eek:rangesingh::happysingh::blueturban: Sikhs hsoudl eb competing to give out "MENU DRIVEN SHABADS and GURBANI"...multimedia..cds..dvds..computer generated gurbani vichaars etc etc....and as food spend the LEAST on ROTI?DAAL ONLY.



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