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Langar at Singhu

Dalvinder Singh Grewal

Jan 3, 2010
Langars at Singhu.
Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal
In the biting cold and the deep mist;
Calmly, he prepares kitchen’s long list.
He does not know how many will eat
He approximates previous day’s beat.
A thousand around; maybe half of it more.
Need flour, ghee, vegetables and spices pure.
Milk, tea leaves, sugar and cups and plates
Fifteen to cook and 10 to serve as mates.
Works out expenses and the total amount
Early at three, he completes this count.
Awakens others to work for the coming day
Some sleepy some active, have a bath and pray.
The kitchen is active, the cooking in progress.
All chant hymns in ecstasy, without stress.
Hot tea is served in tents and trolleys around
Hot water is also given for bath and brush
All take their turn and there is no hush rush.
The breakfast is then ready, all take one by one
The morning work by now is rightly done
He plans for the lunch and this goes on for days
This is how the langars at Singhu are run always.

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