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S Asia Land Belonging To Hindu, Sikh Shrines Targeted In Pakistan

Chaan Pardesi

Oct 5, 2008
London & Kuala Lumpur
Land belonging to Hindu, Sikh shrines targeted in Pakistan

Another incident of acquisition of land belonging to Hindu and Sikh shrines in Pakistan has come to light, and Pakistan authorities have been approached by minorities to take this issue seriously.

According to the News, a delegation headed by Pakistan Hindu Sikh Social Welfare Council President Jag Mohan Arora approached Pakistan Evacuee Trust Property Board Chairman Syed Asif Hashmi to apprise him about the illegal occupation of a cemetery ground and demolition of temple in front of Rawalpindi Medical College.

The delegation urged Hashmi to take personal interest and help resolve the problems of the minority community.

Though Hashmi has assured the delegates to resolve the issue, there have been allegations against the Pakistan Evacuee Trust Property Board that it had illegally sold off land belonging to Sikh shrines to the Pakistani army at absurdly low prices.

Arora has also summoned a meeting of the Pakistan Hindu Sikh Social Welfare Council to chalk out the line of action regarding the issue.

Earlier, taking note of an illegal deal of a land belonging to a gurdwara in Pakistan, federal Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti had ordered an inquiry.
Bhatti had said that after the investigation, action would be taken against the culprits.

"Even if it was found that any high official was involved and proved guilty, he would not be allowed to escape from law," Bhatti had said. (ANI)


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