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Lack Of Honesty In Improving Medical Facilities In Rural Areas

Jan 1, 2010
Lack of honesty in improving Medical Facilities in Rural Areas.
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There is lack of honesty of purpose of improving medical facilities in Rural Areas. Where there is a will, there is a way. The only drawback is that the Political set-up of India is not in favour of mass public as the basic necessities of the country men are in the hands of the Politicians and bureaucrats. The lobby of politicians and bureaucrats honestly give stress on the improvement of health facilities in rural areas then nothing is impossible.
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The problem is that the bureaucats don’t want to take postings in rural areas. The Government should make a a policy that every bureaucrat should spend one month at a stretch in deep villages off the highways every year. They will not do this. Why? Because they will totally cut off from the shining comfortable urban life. It is necessary to get every bureaucrat posted in rural areas so that they get the first hand experience of the suffering of the masses.
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By the implementation of that rule they themselves will find out the ways and means as to how it can be done with the available resources and secondly the administration will not at all suffer due to their absence form their offices.
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All the rules are being framed in the offices with Air-Conditioned facilities having no knowledge about the hardships of the villagers. The bureaucrats frame the policies, those have never visited rural areas and has no knowledge about the infrastructure and the sufferings of the villagers.
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Rajneesh Madhok
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