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USA Krishna Condemns Radio Collar Tags On Indian Students

Jan 1, 2010
Bangalore/Washington, Jan 30

Taking strong exception to US authorities’ radio-tagging scores of Indian students duped by a "sham" university in California, India today described it as an "inhuman act" and demanded severe action against those responsible.

“We demand that the US government initiate severe action against those officials responsible for this inhuman act.Indian students are not criminals. The radio collars should be immediately removed,” External Affairs Minister SM Krishna told reporters here. The students, mostly from Andhra, are facing the prospect of deportation as US authorities last week shut down the Tri-Valley University in Pleasanton, a major suburb in San Francisco Bay Area, on charges of a massive immigration fraud.

The university is said to have 1,555 students, and as many as 95 per cent of these students are Indian nationals. Only about 140 visas were issues directly to Indian students for studying at this university. However, many students it seems had transferred themselves to this university from other universities in the US. This increased the number of students registered at this university.

"The Ministry will extend all help to the students. The parents need not worry since the matter has been taken up with appropriate authorities," Krishna said. The government would also provide suitable assistance to the affected students if they wished to return home, he said.

Following a raid at the university last week, US federal authorities swooped down on its students for questioning and interrogation.Immigration attorneys and Indian-American community leaders, who have been helping these students, said that scores of them had been detained and released on bond and many of them installed with Intensive Supervision Appearance Programme or radio tags.

Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy in Washington has asked the Obama Administration to ensure that none of the Indian students affected by the immigration scam is victimised. The embassy and its consulates in New York and San Francisco have taken up the matter with US authorities.

The students are frantically knocking at the doors of colleges begging for admission to save their academic careers and avoid deportation. — PTI


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Jun 6, 2010
That is why I will never set foot in US, I have already turned down two prospects from my own company. Better off in India.
Jan 1, 2010
Dear HSalujaji,

If the common person violates the traffic light it is considered crime. Even on the petty issues the common person is being indulged in the crime and that may be registered under treason, the mighty nations can indulge anybody with the offence of betrayal with the sovereignity of the nation.

Now the question arise when a person commits treason is known in law a traitor. What offence they have made that they are considered like traitor. The US govt. who considers and declares itself the supporter of Human Rights violation. The students those have not betrayed the Govt in any form have been treated as traitors bu the US Govt.

Just think over if such an incident had occurred with United States' national in India then what would have been the action of US Govt. It is a hearsay that the mighty is always gainer and the weaker is considered as loser and he can be treated like traitor.

Without any fault why the students have been treated like this. No human rights organization raised its voice against the maltreatment with poor students. They have been imprisoned without any fault.

Not even a single offence they people have made. They have not offended any law of US Govt. It is a hard fact that the action will not be taken against any US national, Why? Because the sufferer are from poor country.

So, "Takatwar da satta viha sau hunda hai" The Powerful person's 7*20=100

We can't challenge the calculations of the mighty persons and have to shut our eyes knowingly though we know that the calculation is wrong.

Rajneesh madhok


Jun 6, 2010
I think Indian govt should have and might have already intervened and wheels are already in motion. This seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding and extreme reaction from Amedica, lets see what happens. Also I believe that Indian students who dream about studying abroad should consider ones, if it is worth it. There are lot of esteemed colleges here in India and lots of opportunities to grab. Why go to a Nation where you are obviously not welcome and the citizen there are already vary of the fact that there jobs are being stolen by Indians who come there to study and then settle for good. I know its a free world and we should be have freedom of movement etc. but I know it, you know it and every one knows it that Indians go there to make money or if you want to put it in a better way "for good life style". I can go on and on, and I am already in the hate list of most who are reading this already but that is the bitter truth.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
If I remember correctly ...NO ONE was worried in the least about the 17 or so PUNJABI BOYS on DEATH ROW in a allegedly fake evidence case....NO Krishnas and NO Parneet kaurs and no Manmohans and No Sonia Gandhis..jumping about eagerly...maybe some Indians are more equal than others...??? I dont know but it sure looks that way...lollol


Apr 28, 2005
SS Akal Ji.

India or any other countries with organized religions.

"Hero worship is more stronger ,where there is least value
of an human beings."

Quoted by unknown.

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