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Kind Request


Nov 25, 2006
I have a kind request for all my brothers and sisters :)

Please can you stop this constant battle between religions, it is becoming very tiresome and is destroying our world. It may not be on a large scale, but this constant bickering, is very childish. Does it matter whos religion is better? Why can you not accept that the religions are DIFFERENT but NOT BETTER than one another? I ask you do you believe in the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji? If you do, then you will know that Guru Nanak was very humble, simple and preached love. Not once did he let his egotism and pride interfere. Guru Nanak set us an example to follow, why is it we say we are following it, but we are not? Those of you who are replying to posts with rudeness, hate, are advocating seperation. If other people are slandering Sikhi, let them! Does it mean that because they have misconceptions that Sikhi is what they say it is? We have a duty to set examples to the younger generations, and i must admit the examples many of you are setting are somewhat disturbing. Why not be different and accept the equality of religions? Why not just teach the younger generations about love, equality, compassion, happiness instead of showing them how to fill their minds with pride and egotism?
The Sikh Gurus set us excellent examples, of how we should display ourselves, what type of people we should be as did many other teachers, saints and enlightened souls who have walked this earth and will continue to walk this earth. :wah:

Please lets have more peace and tranquility between us, learn to accept and respect each other and each other's religions. And lets set an example to the younger generations and teach them how to be humble and loving humans. Lets make the change in this world, beginning today :thumbup:

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