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General Khosla Ka Ghosla

Oct 15, 2006

Did you ever wonder, "How can this happen?" after watching the movie - Khosla ka Ghosla?, read the news.

Is the might of coloniser mightier than the law?

Migrant couple not allowed to construct house on legal land

Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service


Sumitra Devi displays documents of her house, which a coloniser is not allowing them to construct. — Tribune photo by Sayeed Ahmed

Ludhiana, January 29
The might of a coloniser seems to be stronger than the orders of senior district and state-level officials as he was allegedly not allowing a migrant labour couple to construct a house on a plot in Satkartar Nagar, Basti Jodhewal, which they had bought after 22 years of hard toil.

The case of the victims, Sumitra Devi, and her husband Raj Nath, is quite similar to the story of a family in Hindi flick ‘Khosla ka Ghosla’. The only difference in their case was that the senior police officials had submitted inquiry reports in their favour and even ordered the accused coloniser to stay away.
Yet, he was not allowing the victim couple to add a brick to the foundations paid by them on the plot. City SSP A S Rai and SP City-II D P Singh had told the accused, Joga Singh alias Pupinder Singh, in clear terms that the law was in the favour of the couple and he should not interfere. Still, driving force from ‘unknown’ source, the accused prevents them from the construction.
Inquiries made by The Tribune reveals that the accused's closeness to state level police official was paying him dividends in the dispute. What is shocking is that the orders of the city SSP and inquiry reports by a SP, besides the reports of the Internal Vigilance Cell of the Punjab Police, have gone abegging.
Tears flow down their sunken cheeks as the victim couple narrate their long tale of woe.‘‘ For 22 years we saved every possible penny from their day and night labour to finally buy a plot in Kulliewal village here. But all that hard work is on the verge of being lost. We had thought we would provide house to our five children. Instead, our life is being spent in making rounds to the offices of the different police officials or the courts for seeking justice.’’
Though the Basti Jodhewal police had already booked the two accused persons on the basis of a high-level inquiry conducted by ADGP, Internal Vigilance, in the case, justice still eludes the couple as they wait for taking possession of the piece of land.
The inquiry reports state they have been wronged. The plot was part of a land in Kulliewal village belonging to two brothers Bhupinder Singh and Pupinder Singh. They had a dispute over certain areas. The plots falling in those areas were sold off to many persons before finally being sold to the couple.
The victims got the plot duly registered in their name. The inquiry established their true credentials and neighbours also reported that the plot was theirs. The revenue records also supported their claim.






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