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General Khalsa Does Not Mean Pure, It Means Sovereign


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
For now the dust has settled and "khalsa" still means pure. The lesson I take from the rhetoric posed here. There are political currents afoot that would like to reshape the khalsa.

The khalsa knows its merit and does not need "movements" to help it re-discover its true identity and "get organized." The khalsa has always been organized in many ways to spring into action. Witness the quick response of sangats in Manchester England during the riots of last summer to protect the shops and neighborhoods of other minority groups. They protected Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims. Witness the amazing organization and speed of NRO's like United Sikhs or KhalsaAid. Witness the keen talents of Sikhs for Justice in the US and India who are working within the law, within domestic and international courts to right injustices.

When khalsa acts it does not squander its energy on prolonged battles over drivers' licenses, auto registrations and insurance, destroying the credit of police officers, etc. Its motivations are not based on incorrect and impossibly stretched theories of common law. Khalsa's purpose comes from a better place ingrained by Sikh history, grounded in its own moral sovereignty. Khalsa never was fooled by hate-based agendas and paramilitary organizations disguised as liberation fronts.
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